Review: Baby Daddy Wanted by Taryn Quinn

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Review: Baby Daddy Wanted by Taryn Quinn
Baby Daddy Wanted

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Series: Dirty DILF's #5, Crescent Cove #5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on February 15, 2019
Pages: 268
Format: eBook
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The Delight

When you Facebook Ad goes to the wrong page and now you are the new interest in Crescent Cove, things get silly, sexy, sweet and all kinds of cute. Baby making ads can really raise the towns entertainment levels.


This is a series I have followed from the beginning. Recently it went through a name change. See it was known as Dirty DILF, but it seems some retailers have taken issue or maybe it was readers, about what that title meant. So now it is known as Crescent Cove. I will continue to put it under both series names.

This book in the series is a little different. The first story started as a deal to have a baby between friends, but every book after that was an accidental pregnancy. Now we have the a woman who wants a baby so bad and is done waiting for Prince Charming to come sweep her off her feet before it’s to late to have one. With an ad made, she posts it, but not to the right page, but to the town’s page. Now she’s the biggest entertainment in town as they wait to see who she will choose. Some lewd, some honest and some humorous situations occur. Vee is just the right lady to take them on and give as good as she gets while trying to catch the eye of one guy she can’t seem to attract.

Murphy’s the quiet geek who everyone loves, but hardly really knows. He comes into the coffee shop as often as he can to see Vee, but gets tongue tied. When he sees the ad on FB he can’t believe his eyes. He quickly sends off an email, but disguises it under his company name that most people don’t know he owns. It’s not lewd, humorous or offering. It’s an email of a concerned friend. See he’s is a genius that creates video games. On the side he helps his best friend with construction jobs. Between that and rowing, he keeps fit when otherwise he wasn’t always the hunk he is now. With a mob of brothers, he’s the one with quiet success, but also the one that has no game with women. He was way to adorable.

Vee and Murphy trade emails that steadily get steamier and steamier. Murphy knows it is Vee, but Vee is left to wonder how she doesn’t know this sexy guy who lives right in Crescent Cove. Then she starts to feel guilty as she is attracted to what she believes are two different guys.

When Murphy gets roped into some technical help with Vee, the steam starts rising. Who will she choose? The man in front of her or the same man behind the emails?

This is such a cute story of shyness that kept a man from being able to string sentences together in front of the woman he has loved from afar. Vee takes it as disinterest and tries all the flirty things she can to let him know she’s interested in him only to feel like a failure.

Characters from previous books make their way into the story, but don’t overtake it…unless you see the jealousy Vee has for Sage and Murphy’s friendship even though she knows Sage is happily married with a baby.

These are terribly serious stories and I love them for that. Just cute silly stories of love with some minor drama to make it worth the read and a baby on the way!

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Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

I love when a story has little drama and it takes a serious tone. Especially with guys with babies! That always melts my heart!
Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

2 years ago

I always love books with babies and the topic there is really interesting!

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

This one does sound adorable. Fun how it all gets started with her ad going to the wrong spot.

Mary Kirkland
2 years ago

That’s a really cute cover.

Carole rae
2 years ago

Not gonna lie…it does sounds cute, but IDK.