Review: Blood Avenged by Gabrielle Bisset

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Review: Blood Avenged by Gabrielle Bisset
Blood Avenged

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Series: #1 Sons of Navarus
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Released on December 10, 2013
Pages: 254
Format: eBook
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I’m always interested in trying new-to-me authors and their books which hopefully will become a new favorite author who has introduced me to a new character or new creative make-believe world.  While this book offered a decent general plot and I liked where it was going with some of the characters, I just couldn’t seem to feel a strong connection.

The story opens in present day London with an older vampire, Vasilijie, cruising a bar for some new blood.  He has spotted a human he thinks will be a great addition to his vampire line.  When Vasilijie takes Alex, he learns after the fact that Alex was the human boy toy of another older vampire and enemy, Tatiana.  Tatiana demands that Vasilijie give Alex back to her, but he decides to keep Alex as a small first step of revenge he feels toward Tatiana who killed his sire.  Tatiana promises revenge for this slight by doing something that will hurt him personally.

Not long after, Vasilijie feels the death of one of the vampires he has sired.  He races to New Orleans to investigate Teagan’s murder and finds a human girl on the scene who claims to have been Teagan’s girlfriend.  Vasilijie is a tad suspicious, but he is strangely attracted to Sasa.

Vasilijie is right to be suspicious of Sasa because Sasa has made a deal with the devil in the form of an agreement with Tatiana.  Tatiana sired Sasa’s sick mother in exchange for the human empath’s help in spying on Vasilijie.  Sasa is reluctant to get into the middle of two vampires, but agreed so that her mother could be healed.

What Sasa didn’t expect was that she would develop feelings for Vasilijie and finds it harder and harder to conceal the truth from him even as she dreads what will happen when he discovers it.

While Vasilijie and Sasa are dancing around each other as Vasilijie hunts down Teagan’s killer, other forces beyond even Tatiana are at work.

As I said, I thought up front that the plot offered a lot of promise- a vengeful vampire and the woman sent to spy on him falling in love and waiting for him to discover her deceit.  I think the story started to fall flat for me was when it struck me how incredibly dumb I found Sasa.  I was all on board with her desire to have her mother healthy and whole, but her snap decision to have a vampire who she already sensed was evil (Sasa’s an empath so she knows these things) change her mother into a vampire just seemed the height of stupidity.  She didn’t even check into what having a vampire sire another vamp would mean or whether her mother would want such a life changing thing to happen (I’d be nervous if Sasa cared about me for fear of what she’d agree to on my behalf).  Then I didn’t buy into how quickly Sasa fell for Vasilijie. Other than a quick tumble in the sheets, they really didn’t have any sort of connection (though kudos for the hot sex while feeding that went on). And then it was followed by several other tumbles in between aborted attempts to ‘help’ Vasilijie get Teagan’s killer.  Her bouncing back and forth between smart punky comments to be taken along to hunt a vamp killer and then acting all ‘I didn’t know it would be this way get me away from this’ (they’re vamps, honey and Vasilijie warned you), was annoying for me too.

I didn’t find the storyline very fluid either; I felt like I was jumping roughly from scene to scene with little transitioning taking place.  It did have a fairly even pacing until the climactic meet between hero and villain, but then a rushed ending.

I also felt like the contents of the epilogue introducing the Sons of Navarus order and all the background of the vampire world stuff would have been better infused throughout the story or given in the form of some sort of prequel story or something.  It just didn’t feel right tacked to the end like that.

The epilogue did introduce a whole new plot thread that I am interested in pursuing plus I want to see if I find the sequel a better read with a different hero and heroine involved.

This story would appeal to the paranormal romance lovers who like a bit of intrigue along with lots of heat in the romance.


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