Review: Bones Don’t Lie by Melinda Leigh

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Review: Bones Don’t Lie by Melinda Leigh
Bones Don't Lie
Narrated by Cris Dukehart

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Series: Morgan Dane #3
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Brilliance Audio
Released on March 13, 2018
Format: Audiobook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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The Delight

This book was inevitable in my mind from the moment Lance’s past was introduced even back in the earlier Scarlet Falls series building through the Morgan Dane series.  Lance is an ex-cop turned private investigator.  Eventually, his dad’s disappearance over twenty years prior leaving no resolution for him and his mother was going to take center stage.  I was thrilled to finally get Bones Don’t Lie knowing it was going to be deeply emotional, riveting, and taunt with gritty, dark suspense while carrying forth Lance and Morgan’s romance.


As I said in the intro, Bones Don’t Lie, the third Morgan Dane series book, is closely tied to the books that came before it and the series that came before it.  I was tickled to see the crossover characters from the Scarlet Falls series and a large cast of familiars playing strong roles.

An old rusted car gets fished out of a nearby lake and it belongs to the missing Vick Kruger, Lance’s dad.  It gets complicated when a skeleton found in the trunk is not his dad, but a woman.  Lance knows the only way he can lay the past demons to rest is to find the truth.  Unfortunately, the witnesses who might shed light on the situation are being eliminated one by one.  Someone doesn’t want Lance, Morgan, and Sharp to find out the truth and is coming after them next.

I anticipated this one to go deep and get painful for Lance and his mom as past secrets are brought into the light.  I was even a tad wary that it would start wallowing in the emotions and stall out on the action.  But, no worries.  This one kept up the usual steady pace that frequently got my heart racing at a suspenseful moment.  The balance of elements was also kept even so that the rich layering I’ve come to enjoy about these books was still there.

That said, I appreciated that this was more Lance’s book than anything else even though Morgan and a few others got narration time, too.  This was make it or break it time for Lance.  He can either give in and get lost in his past and the anger and pain he keeps locked away or let the wound open to be cleaned up and for the first time, let someone else get close to him and help in the form of Morgan.  Morgan remains an amazing heroine.  She could have let Lance’s attempts to push her away cause her to lash out in pain or storm away and leave him alone when he most needed her, but she swallowed the hurt, ignored her own troubles, and stood strong beside him.

Lance and Morgan are amazing together and I melted each time he spent time with her girls.  This book had to happen before they could have a true chance at a relationship.  Morgan has let go of her own past to give love a second chance and now it was Lance’s turn.  I loved the sensual scenes and even the ones that brought in their family, but it is always seeing them in action solving a disturbing crime that gets me most pleased.  This one was a doozy and I had that moment in the second half of the story where I had a glimpse at the identity of the killer and also the solution to the cold case, but I was sure I had to be wrong.  I wasn’t.  The twist in this one took my breath away and I had to actually stop the book and think about it before continuing.  Well done, Melinda Leigh!

Cris Dukehart’s narration work continues to see these stories so clearly and adds to the book in a way that I think I might actually get disappointed if I had to merely read the print.  She has established herself as these character’s voices and tone of the stories for me.

All in all, the Morgan Dane series remains strong.  I think this was my favorite one yet because I anticipated this one and was left amazed.  Definitely this series and the earlier series are high recommends to romantic suspense fans.


Romance Roundabout #385 RS
New Release #164
Audio #75


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Debbie Haupt
Debbie Haupt
3 years ago

Oh I’ve seen this reviewed around in print Sophia Rose, it’s nice to know its a good listen too. I’m not familiar with this or the previous series as this is a new to me author. I think I may check out the author’s website and see what all the fuss is about. Thank you for the fantastic review Sophia Rose

Sophia Rose
3 years ago
Reply to  Debbie Haupt

I am late to her books, but yes, I am definitely a fan of the audio edition. I am totally hooked on her romantic suspenses. Maybe your library carries them so you can check and see if you like her stuff. 🙂

Carole rae
3 years ago

Crossover characters are always fun!

Sophia Rose
3 years ago
Reply to  Carole rae

I agree. Pressie to the reader. 🙂

3 years ago

Yes I want to read this series. Anne – Books of My Heart

Sophia Rose
3 years ago
Reply to  Northwoman

I’m bludgeoning you all with it until you agree. Haha!

3 years ago

Ooh I love the sound of the suspense in this one! Plus a skeleton in a trunk (yikes) and the witnesses being knocked off… sounds great!

Sophia Rose
3 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Yeah, it was overflowing with the good stuff, Greg. 🙂

3 years ago

I like it when series like these have some continuity and that sounds nice how this plot lien was introduced in earlier books already. Nice to hear the balance was still good in this one even with the emotional connection to the case. It sounds like quite the suspenseful read. The romance sounds well done too and it sounds interesting how they both have to resolve their issues before they’re ready to develop their romance more. Sounds great to see them working side by side and that’s great you managed to guess the killer. Great review!

Sophia Rose
3 years ago
Reply to  Lola

Yes, I was anticipating this story since Lance’s background was explained and I’m so glad she did a fab job of writing it and continuing the romance between Morgan and Lance.

Mary Kirkland
3 years ago

Oh this sounds good and kinda creepy. I do love a good twist.

Sophia Rose
3 years ago
Reply to  Mary Kirkland

It definitely sends some chills down my spine and the twist was mindboggling. 🙂

herding cats
3 years ago

Oh goodness. Yeah, the twist. This one was something. I love the little family and Lance all together, too.

Sophia Rose
3 years ago
Reply to  herding cats

Wasn’t that something. I started to suspect the truth, but was sure I just had to be wrong. Uh, no, there it was.

This is great seeing them taking steps to be a family. 🙂 I can’t wait for the next book.