Review: Bound by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

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Review: Bound by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy
Bound by Darkness

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Series: Guardians of Eternity #8
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Zebra Books
Released on November 29, 2011
Pages: 384
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Each new installment is just such a delight to read.  I love the world and characters that Alexandra Ivy has created.  The last installment left it almost on a cliff hanger for a few different story threads that were picked up in this book which mainly focused on the fae Sylvermist Prince, Ariyal and the Vampire Hunter, Jaelyn.

Things have really begun heating up in the quest to prevent the Dark Lord’s return and to locate the true Prophet.  So many different parties are coming together with these common goals.  Immortal enemies are now allied together, but the Dark Lord is pulling together servants too.

Styx, King of the Vampires and Salvatore, King of the Weres along with the fiercesome Committee have sent out their parties to bring back the missing child that was prophesied to bring on the Dark Lord’s return and to rescue Cassandra so the Dark Lord cannot coerce her cooperation in prophesying the future events.

Jaelyn a formidable Vampire Hunter is sent to join forces with a treacherous Silvermyst fae prince who just tried to kill the baby and whose brethren chose to serve the Dark Lord in the past and are serving him now.  Ariyal claims that his only goal is to prevent the Dark Lord’s return, but he is distracted by the beautiful female vampire who remains at his side.  Both of them have suspicions about the other, but slowly they draw together and give in to their mutual attraction even if they can never truly be together because of who they are.

While the Hunter and Silvermyst track the baby, Santiago, sent out by Styx, hunts Cassandra and Caine.  He is joined by an unusual ally, Nefri, the queen of the immortal vampires thought to be legend.  Their search leads them to discover the identity of a betrayer that will hurt them both and the tingle of attraction they feel toward each other really terrifies them.

The end is as exhilarating as Alexandra Ivy’s endings usually are.  Danger, death and impossible odds bring things to a not so gentle denouement which of course leave a few dangling threads for the next installment (which happ’ly is Cassandra and Caines’ story- finally!  Though now, I would not be disappointed if we got a story about Santiago and Nefri).

As noted above, the plot was pretty strong on excitement both in the chases and in the personal battle of attraction between Ariyal and Jaelyn.  The pace never really slows down.  The story does flip scenes between about four different storylines, but it is not difficult to follow.  I would have wished for more page time for Ariyal and Jaelyn, but that the smaller piece involving Santiago and Nefri was intriguing too (yeah, total opposites attract thing there).

I liked the new characters of Ariyal and Jaelyn who were very minor characters previously.  They both led hard lives and it was great to read their story.  And I liked how they were strong and smart.  Their getting together was not a foregone conclusion because they both had duties and even their very natures that would keep them apart in the long run.  Jaelyn, being a Hunter, is not allowed to have a relationship or mate with disobedience to this punishable by death.

Regulars in the series also make an appearance in the form of Styx, Salvatore, and sweet Levet (who has found yet another person to annoy).

I should note here that Nefri is actually a crossover character from an earlier series that are being republished as the Immortal Rogues trilogy (Regency Paranormal Romances) which explain this older more powerful sect of vampires.

So now after the dramatic finish that leaves Caine and Cassandra’s fate uncertain, I impatiently await the next installment.  It’s a great series that has not lost its luster.  If you haven’t started it, do!  But it must be read in order.

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9 years ago

I so want to start this series. I have the first book. This review makes me want to clear my shelf and start on it. Thanks Sophia Rose!

Sophia Rose
9 years ago
Reply to  Shari

Yeah, its great if you like your PNRs featuring all the supes! It take on that whole world with special attention to the vamps and then the weres at first.