Afternoon Delight Review: Burned by Eliza Gayle

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Afternoon Delight Review: Burned by Eliza Gayle

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Series: Purgatory,
Genres: BDSM Romance, Contemporary Romance
Published by Gypsy Ink Books
Released on January 1, 2012
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I can’t say I have read this story, but I know I have read some in this series. Coming in cold, I didn’t have to know much in the way of backstory to enjoy. You meet the hero and heroine and one other character. Otherwise the story sticks to the two main characters coming together.

Ruby and Zane both have a love of fire that borders at times as obsessive. Ruby once was involved in a fire then had sex with her boyfriend in a orgasmic frenzy. She knew then she needed to learn to harness these feelings or she would hurt herself. She sought counseling and took up the job as a fire investigator. But at night she works as a bartender at Purgatory, where she can take part in her kink with fire safely. She claims she isn’t submissive, but to Zane, the submissive vibe flows through.

We don’t get to see as much of Zane in this story. He does tell a story of how he got into fire play, the mistake he once made and how he wants Ruby as his submissive. During a show where he is using fire play, he catches Ruby masturbating on the side of the stage and gives her the command to come, which she does. This leads to him determined to make her see just how good they are together.

What makes this wonderful is that Zane never forces his will on Ruby. He just asks she keep an open mind and allow him to demonstrate just how good it can be. He uses stories, fire play and awesome sex to slowly bring her around to understand what he is looking for and what she really needs.

I was interested in the fire play. Not that I ever want to do it, but it was interesting to listen to how to do it safely and how many people just don’t learn the right way to play. Not that this is a how to book. It only briefly gives you a sense of what goes into it.

This series also ties to the new series Eliza has started called Purgatory Masters. The first story was reviewed here: Tucker’s Fall.

I recommend this as a good afternoon book curled in a lounge chair on the beach 🙂


Afternoon Delight



About Eliza Gayle

After growing up in the South and dividing my time between Florida and North Carolina, I decided that 2012 would be my year for change. I rented out my house on the East Coast and convinced my family to join me for a wacky trip across the country. Now I write my romance books from a small island in the Pacific Northwest while contemplating our next home renovation project on the fixer upper we bought.

When not writing, I’m likely to be found with my nose in a book or sitting in a darkened theater watching the latest blockbuster movie. Unless it’s not raining, then I guarantee I’ll be outside soaking up the sun or exploring one of the many nearby forests.

If you’d like to check out one or more of my books, I’d be tickled pink. I primarily write paranormal shifters and contemporary romance with BDSM elements. I dig reading and writing series, so you’ll also find I have several. It’s an addiction.

I love getting feedback so I look forward to any and all honest reviews as well as recommendations for good books. I am always on the hunt for a new favorite book.

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Sophia Rose
8 years ago

I’m beginning to wonder about anyone involved in firefighting and fire investigating. This is the third book I’ve heard of where the hero/heroine likes fire play and has a career in one of these fields. LOL!