Review: Can’t Buy Me Love by Molly O’Keefe

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Review: Can’t Buy Me Love by Molly O’Keefe
Can't Buy Me Love

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This was one very interesting book. I knew what it was about before I started it, but I didn’t expect not to like the characters right off the bat. There just wasn’t a lovable part about Lyle Baker and nothing redeemable either. He was just a real sleaze bag. But he is the center of the story as the older man, plotting and planning on his death bed to get his son and daughter back on his ranch.

Tara Jean Sweet is an interesting heroine. She’s from the wrong side of any track. She has changed her name and tried to make a new life for herself running Lyle’s leather design business. Lyle knew what she did and still gave her a chance to make something of herself. Now a few years later, the business is making money, but Lyle wants her to act like his young fiance to get his kids to come back.

When Lyle sends an engagement announcement to his son, Luc just wants to ignore it. He has moved on with is life and wants no part of his father. But his half sister, Tori, needs the money after a scandal with her ex-husband leaves her broke. Luc only wants to forget his father and take care of his sister, but she is determined not to allow a floozy to take her inheritance even though she has been disinherited. Also, Lyle doesn’t know she has a son, his grandson.

When all parties get together, it is an explosion of personalities. Luc is the big time hockey player at the end of his career. Tara Jean’s just trying to keep her head above water and on the good side of the law. The sister is week, the ranch hand is dark and mean feeling, the housekeeper seems ditzy, Luc’s mom is just to stuck up and weird. Most of all, I couldn’t figure out why anyone liked Lyle.

While I finished the book, I never felt like I connected with the characters. Tara Jean seemed to complain a lot. She doesn’t like anyone and says some of the, pardon me, bitchiness things in this book about motherhood and kids. While she doesn’t need to have kids of her own, she can damn well keep her opinion to herself. Ok, that is just how I felt when I kept hearing her complain about stains on a mother’s shirt.

While I tended to like Luc better, it wasn’t by much. He has an injury that basically has ended his career but he refuses to accept it. Then there was something about a brain bacteria that never really got explained. We never knew if it was going to eat up his brain or he just needed some antibiotics. It just seemed a little silly.

The sister, Tori, is a piece of work. One minute you like her and her devotion to her son. The next minute I wanted to smack her for thinking she was entitled to things. Go out and get a job, lady! It was just like she only felt she was good being a wife and I got tired of it.

So overall, I just never connected with anyone in the book. It just seemed to be a lot of people unhappy with life and they never got happy with life. The love scenes were very one dimensional and never steamed up anything. It just wasn’t a book I liked nor could recommend.

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Sophia Rose
10 years ago

Oh, yeah not liking the characters are definitely deal breakers.

Thanks for sharing your review!