Review: Chasing Chelsea by Maren Smith

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Review: Chasing Chelsea by Maren Smith
Chasing Chelsea

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Series: Masters of the Castle #5
Genres: BDSM Romance
Published by Blushing Books Publishing
Released on May 9, 2014
Pages: 205
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
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The Delight

Another light-hearted story with a lot of sensuality. One secret that will have ramifications, a novice out of her element and a Dom not ready to fall, but unable to stop the momentum.


Chelsea is out of work, living in her car, and desperately looking for a new job before her savings run out. While filling out an application for the coffee shop in Granger, Ohio, she overhears an argument between a couple who storms out in anger but also dumping a folder filled with all the documents for a vacation. She watches them leave in their personal car and thinks this is a chance to eat, sleep in a bed, and job hunt from luxury. You don’t live in Granger without knowing what goes on in The Castle, but she thinks she doesn’t have to participate. Hopping aboard the bus, she takes on the name Beth only to befriended by Selena, a submissive on the way to marry her Daddy Dom. Everything goes crazy after that.

Selena recruits her for her slave wedding, drags her away from the orientation only to find out Sara (Saving Sara) has a secret she isn’t sure is good news and generally gets lost and chased by security. Taken to the Master’s office, she lies telling them she broke up with her Dom and will go by the secret name Chelsea as no one goes by their own name, so Beth is out since they think that is her name. She denies needing a Dom and tries to stay out of people’s way but fate and Kade won’t let that happen.

Kade is one the few single Masters left and he plans to keep it that way. He never gives false hope, but he also likes the spice of variety. He notices Chelsea from the moment she steps off the bus and intends to be her Master for her stay. Not used to being turned down, Kade must figure out what she is trying to hide. She denies him once, then twice, but that is the last time he will allow her to escape his touch, his mastery of his ownership. But Chelsea’s avoiding things have caught Master Marshall’s eye and while he can’t put his finger on what is up, he knows Chelsea isn’t’ all she says she is. But when Spanking 101 led by Kade starts, Marshall realizes her forms are wrong and Kade gets what he wants: Chelsea. And Chelsea learns she is kinkier than she ever thought.

A bet is made and now the piper must be paid, so Kade introduces Chelsea to both pleasure, punishment and submission. But will her secret catch up with her?

Kade was that playboy you love to hate. He is a player, but he also is a solid Dom. He teaches 101 BDSM sessions with a calm, funny attitude that draws the audience to him. It also draws women both attached and unattached to him as well. I think the one who doesn’t want him is his downfall, but also the one who intrigues him enough to learn more about and draw submission from. Let’s just say the harder he had to work at it the more he finds he falls.

Chelsea for her part really tries not to charge things to the room, stay to herself and just find a job as she can. But this isn’t a vacation spot to be alone, read in gardens or not participate. And it goes noticed right away that things aren’t exactly as they seem. She learns more about herself through Kade, but having no way to support herself, she does what she needs to and feels the guilt associated with it.

I had a great time learning about these two and watching as they both learned more about themselves while also enjoying the sexuality they both exude. There are spankings, funishments as well as punishments. I also loved seeing Sam, Marshall, Jackson, Sara, Selena, Kaylee and more in this story. There is some happy news for some of the characters and a realization that maybe they can’t live at the Castle forever. Rounding out the story, we get more characters to love.

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About the Book

Chasing Chelsea by Maren Smith


Chelsea is out of work, between homes and nearly out of money when, while filling out job applications at a busy bus depot, she find the opportunity of a lifetime simply lying in the trash. It’s a prepaid vacation voucher—room, meals and clothing all included. All she has to do is get on a bus and for the next ten days she’d be sleeping in a bed instead of her car. Unfortunately, the voucher is for a place called The Castle and no one lives in Granger for long without hearing one or two things about that very adult resort. Still, prepaid is prepaid, and just because she goes to the resort doesn’t mean she has to participate, right?

Then she meets Selena, and suddenly Chelsea’s a slavegirl in a BDSM wedding, an unwilling confidant in a secret Sara can’t bear to tell Jackson, the enigma Master Marshall just can’t figure out…and then there’s Kade. The big bad wolf, Selena calls him. The biggest and baddest the Castle has ever known. Everyone warns her to steer clear of the playboy Master, but right from the very start steering clear is the one thing Chelsea can’t bring herself to do. From the moment he smiles at her – the moment his experienced touch burns into her skin – she’s drawn.

Poor Little Red, she never had a chance.

Publisher’s Note: While this is the fifth book in Maren Smith’s hugely popular Masters of the Castle series, it can be read as a standalone, as can all the others. The series numbers are just a guideline as to recommended reading order.


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Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Oh man, she’s braver than I am. I think I’d pick living in my car since I’m a chicken about some things. But, it does sound like a fun story.

Carole Rae
11 months ago

these two sound fun!