Review: Copy That by HelenKay Dimon

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Review: Copy That by HelenKay Dimon
Copy That

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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published by Harlequin
Released on August 1, 2012
Format: eBook
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Ah a book about twins! Be still my heart. Well, it’s mostly about Jeremy Hill, the younger twin by 34 minutes. Jeremy Hill has just completed an undercover mission for the border patrol and is on mandatory leave to heal and just relax. To his surprise, he finds the bad guys trashing his and his brother’s house when he arrives. Unbeknownst to him, his brother has taken on a boarder, renting out the top half of the house.

This is where I got a little confused. Jeremy and Garrett both own the house. It seemed like the house came with the tenant, Meredith already in place. So why did Jeremy not know about her? Or did Garrett rent it out afterwards and not tell anyone? Or was Jeremy not there when the house was bought? Then there was the little fact that Garrett’s fiancé, Sara, didn’t even know about the house. Yes, I sometimes get bogged down in details, but when you don’t have all the facts up front you are trying to figure things out as you go. And I really never figured this part out. Oh, well, let’s move past this part.

So Jeremy arrives, bad guys going through the house and have set up explosives, when Meredith shows up and gets in a pretty good fight with one of the bad guys. Jeremy can’t get to her quickly because of the explosives rigged to the door. When he does, he rushes her outside and the house blows up, but not before Jeremy sees one of the bad guys press the button. As Jeremy is rushing Meredith out of the house, he puts in a secret call to his brother’s team. Within minutes, a team member shows up to pick them up. But Jeremy doesn’t want the bad guy to get away, so he leaves Meredith in the SUV and runs after him.

Meredith is a fighter. Having come out of an abusive relationship, she is trying to regain her life and herself. She isn’t going to just trust some guy who looks like her landlord and go off to parts unknown. And now everything she owns is gone in an explosion. So when Jeremy gets out of the SUV she isn’t going to sit by and wait for him. They get the bad guy, but killing gains them no idea who is up killing them. For the entire book, Meredith has a kick-ass attitude. She knows how to use a gun and doesn’t hesitate to use it when lives are on the line.

Through most of the book, everyone thinks the bad guys are after Garrett and will take anyone else with him. Jeremy can’t find Garrett or even his fiance. Safe houses are compromised and everyone is on the run having one near miss after another. Jeremy re-injures his wound over and over and looses so much blood I wonder how he can walk. The stitches are redone several times as well.

While there is attraction between the couple, I never felt there was a “I can’t live without you vibe” to them. Jeremy pulls a stunt at one point that would have had me walking out the door.

There was some side story of Garrett and Sara. They are an already established couple with lots of problems to deal with. Everyone thinks Sara is just a sweet, innocent lady who needs protecting. Well, she is in a way, but she shows she also has a backbone of steel that they under estimate in her.

There is a lot of action in this story to keep you guessing what will happen next. While the attraction didn’t knock my socks off, it was kind of sweet to see two people get together after some tough starts in love. For a fun afternoon read, pick up this book.


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Sophia Rose
9 years ago

This sounds pretty fast-paced and exciting. When they hit the ground running, books can be very confusing. Love reading these kind for a change of pace.

Thanks for sharing your review!