Review: Covet by Felicity Heaton

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Review: Covet by Felicity Heaton

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I became a fan of Felicity Heaton’s other vampire series and when I saw this one offered as a freebie, I just had to give it a try.  This one offered a nice take on the vampire world along with some smoking hot passion.

The story line is that of a forbidden romance.  There are two tiers of vampires- the aristocratic pure bloods who are more powerful and of higher status- and the elite vampires that have their blood diluted with human genes.  In this world of vampires, there are also bonded humans who are ‘owned’ by individual vampires and therefore off limits to any other vampires though they can be loaned out to serve on occasion.  The back drop for the story is a London theater that is owned by a four-some of vampires made up of two aristocratic vamp brothers and two elite vampires. The theater acts are designed to interest vampires so they are much darker and sensual than anything a human theater would offer.  Each owner has their areas of responsibility.  Javier’s responsibility includes overseeing the human workers about the place.  One worker has had his eye for the last two years, but she is forbidden fruit because she is owned by another vampire.

Lilah was forced into her bond and by all rights hates the vampire world, what goes on at the theater and most of all she hates the vampire who took her out of her old life.  The one exception is the vampire who is in charge of her work crew.  She has been attracted to Javier for two years.

A circumstance at the theater brings them both together and they allow themselves to enjoy the moment.  The stolen moment will have wide repercussions because Lilah’s master will sense that another vampire has touched her and that will bring punishment down on Javier and on her.  But after two years of pining, they throw caution to the wind and go for it.

I found this introductory story to a new series incredibly hot.  The plot kept my interest wondering how Javier and Lilah would get around the issue of the vampire law regarding bonded humans, but the big scenes were really about those two letting go the restraints in one passionate encounter after another.  Lord have mercy did they heat up the sheets- theater chairs, etc.

It was a novella so there wasn’t much time to delve too deeply into character development, but it wasn’t lacking either which was good.

On a side note, I must say that I get the fascination with one of the vampire theater owners, Snow, that I’ve been reading so much about.  I look forward to his story in the series, but I think the other theater vamps will provide good hero material too.

This would appeal to those who enjoy steamy vampire stories.

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