Review: Crazy Rich Cajuns by Erin Nicholas

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Review: Crazy Rich Cajuns by Erin Nicholas
Beauty and the Bayou

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Series: Boys of the Bayou #4
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Small Publisher
Released on September 30, 2019
Pages: 260
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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The Delight

A billionaire partner and the younger sister with no investment in the Boys of Bayou turn into something hotter than a few sexy flirting calls. Different backgrounds, same goals, and a need to scratch an itch. It all came out to be crazy Cajuns!


Kennedy Landry is the only female grandchild in the Landry family, you can guess she gets away with a lot.  A beauty pageant queen, she made her opinion known when she traded out her tiara for combat boots. She’s confident in who she is and doesn’t apologize for it. When an outsider buys into the business, she isn’t too keen on it, but she adapts in hysterical ways that keep Bennett on his toes. Sparks fly and quips turn into flirting in very dirty ways.

Bennett is a successful lawyer who wants to invest in a bayou business. Everyone thinks it is just a rich boy wanting to play, but it is more to him than anyone knows. Environment conservation is a passion of his and the bayou is slipping away. Coming from a rich and political family, no one understands his passion or the fact this truly makes him happy. Through the flirty sparing, Bennett falls half in love with Kennedy and now he is calling in a favor she owes him for was weekend in Savannah.

Turns out the weekend away is for Bennett’s dad’s retirement and Kennedy feels out of place even if Bennett is ok with her combat boots. Through time Kennedy learns Bennett is more than a rich good looking lawyer bent on weekend fun. Introduced to his mother’s Cajun family, she fits right into the point she doesn’t even recognize one of the political figures for her home state. Bennett is pressed into talking to another politician set on making his career in politics rather than his non-profit organization, which is new information to even Kennedy.

Each of these characters is strong-willed and knows what they want and don’t want, but also they learn more about themselves in this story that changes some ways they thought they were going. Bennett comes from a rich political family based in Georgia with multiple college degrees. He knows what his course in life is going to be and when everyone tries to change his course, he buckles down. Kennedy comes from a family rich in love, a bayou she adores, but not sure what brings meaning in her life … until she meets someone who offers her a chance to be more than an office girl for her family’s business. This puts the two at odds. Bennett wanting nothing more than to save the bayou and Kennedy finding the woman she wants to be outside of the bayou.

The one thing I can always guarantee a love story in this series is they all fall hard and fast. Falling is the easy part, making it work is what will take time and is the heart of what these stories are really about. No one’s lives are easy to uproot or change, but the author has ways of making it all seem natural in the end. Kennedy was always an enigma for me. Getting to know her was eye-opening and I totally changed my mind on her character just getting her story. The key to this story is finding your passion and sticking to making it happen despite what the outside world around you thinks.

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About the Book

Crazy Rich Cajuns by Erin Nicholas copy


A sexy, small town, opposites attract rom com!

He wears suits and ties. He’ll one day inherit a fortune. He has a law degree. He shines his shoes, for God’s sake. What is she doing attracted to a guy like him? But she is. She so is.

She drives air boats on the bayou, drinks and cusses, and gives city boys in suits a hard time just for fun. Why can’t he get her out of his mind? But he can’t. He definitely can’t.

A weekend trip to Savannah for a fancy-schmancy party with his highfalutin family is the surefire way to prove that they have nothing in common but intense chemistry. And to maybe scratch this I’ve-never-wanted-anyone-like-I-want-you itch once or twice. Or five times.

But it takes only about twenty-four hours for the bayou girl and the city boy to figure out that they don’t really know much at all–about each other, or about themselves. And figuring all of this out is going to be downright crazy.



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Sophia Rose
1 year ago

I like the way you describe the set up of their romance, but their personalities and learning more about each other beyond the surface sounds good. I don’t mind the fall in love quick stories that have to figure out how to make it work. This who series is sounding good.