Review: Dark Craving by Donna Grant

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Review: Dark Craving by Donna Grant
Dark Craving

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Series: Dark Kings #1
Published by St. Martin's Press
Released on July 31st 2012
Pages: 105
Format: eARC
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Cassie Hunter is down on her luck and just wants to be closer to her only living relative, her brother Dan. Traveling from Arizona to Scotland with just a few suitcases to her name seems risky, but it is all Cassie can think to do after losing her job and savings dwindling. But when she arrives in Scotland, her brother has left her on her own to get his dog and drive to his remote cabin in the highlands. The one thing he forgot was to give her the code to the lock so she could use a key to get into the cabin.

Mysterious Hal finds Cassie as she is turning blue and takes her into the cabin, but Hal is puzzled by the feelings he is experiencing around her. Hal is one of the legendary King of Dragons. Able to transform from human to dragon along with some magical skills, he serves to protect humanity. Through a difficult battle long ago, Hal cannot feel love. So what are these feelings he is experiencing for a human?

The book isn’t terribly long, causing some issues that needed to be flushed out to be left hanging. The romance is quick, with soul mates used to describe why they fell in love so quickly. Even magic can’t destroy the feelings Hal has for her.

Each dragon carries a tatto and I about drooled as each tattoo was described. Cassie could see them move which the author never gets around to explaining why Cassie can see it but not average humans. Then there is an naked guy that falls from the sky with a sword. Oh, how I approve of naked men and swords just falling out of the sky. That never seems to happen around here *pouts*.

I received this book as a gift and I am so happy I had it on my list. At just 99 cents it is a great deal for a start of an interesting series. I would recommend this to anyone who loves paranormal romances, dragons and isn’t put off by very short timeframe romances.

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Sophia Rose
9 years ago

LOL! We don’t get naked guys with swords falling from the sky either. We should visit Scotland apparent.

Thanks Shari!