Review: Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

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Review: Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

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Series: Southern Vampires #12
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Ace
Released on May 1, 2012
Pages: 336
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I was so excited to crack the cover on this twelfth installment of the Southern Vampire series.  So much has happened since that first book when Sookie a telepath barmaid meets Vampire Bill.  Some of it has been awesome and exciting and some has been disappointing or meh(say it isn’t so) depending on what part or characters in the storyline are your favorites.  I flew through it and was not disappointed.

Now, just a little *spoiler for the series* warning not to read past this point if you aren’t up to date or haven’t started reading these yet. Or, if you don’t care, read at your own peril.

This story picks up pretty close to when the last one left off.  Sookie has so much to deal with in this book because she has her finger in every preternatural pie in the Northern Louisiana area.  Seriously, if all roads lead to Rome, every supernatural problem leads to Sookie.

She, along with Eric and posse, have to deal with the vampire king coming out and investigating Victor’s death and likely to dole out punishment.  But drama happens before that little sitch can even be dealt with- yeah, drama in the form of Sookie finding Eric sampling the vintage of a pretty young two-natured who smells suspiciously of fairy.  An already strained relationship between the two just got even more strained, but this even gets sidelined when the shifter girl turns up dead on Eric’s lawn just several minutes later.

Sookie is also drawn in to shifter issues by the nature of the circumstances surrounding the girl’s death which point the finger at Eric’s day guy, Lonewolf Mustapha being involved. Sam’s steady girlfriend, Jannalynn of Alcide’s were pack is giving Sookie the stink eye because she thinks Sookie wants to take Sam from her.

And with the fairies, Sookie has room to fret because her cousin Claude’s strip bar Hooligan’s seems to be a gathering point for a large group of displaced fae who are rather dangerous and she does not know what their intentions are.  And speaking of fae, Sookie still has that little secret gift her grandmother legacied her with the explanatory letter hiding out in her make up drawer.

So yes, big things are building right at the get-go for Sookie, but that is just what is coming at her from the outside.  Her relationships including that with Eric are shifting and it leaves her raw and vulnerable.  Her human friends have their troubles (Tara and JB’s is a doozie and I’m not talking about the twins), but all in all they are happy in their lives.  Bill is back in her life as a friend and neighbor though he makes it clear that he wants more.  Her cousin Claude and even her great-uncle Dermot are staying with her and she wonders about motives.  Sam’s relationship with Jannalynn seems troubling, but Sookie is not sure what to do about it.  Naturally, the one that really has her in knots is Eric.  His maker before dying arranged for a marriage that promises so much for Eric with the Queen of Oklahoma and that Queen will stop at nothing to have him.  Sookie knows she only has her love to offer him.  Will it be enough to trump power (and we all know that Eric gets off on power)?

The plot of this book may seem disappointing to so many because it is a set up book.  It is meant to be the one that brings all threads into alignment for the grand finale and so it doesn’t seem to cover a lot of forward ground.  I’m taking it on faith that installment thirteen is going to come through for me.

Personally, I enjoyed it because it had elements in the plot that I find enjoyable.  There was the murder mystery with the shifter girl, a were pack struggle, a fae conspiracy, and a few smaller lines settled that had been dangling from before.

What it does not do is leave Sookie firmly entrenched with a happily ever after, but since the next book is it, I’m content to wait and see.  This book was Charlaine Harris’ way of reminding us all of her choices and I do mean all of them.  Heck, Quinn the Weretiger even cameoed with his request for Sookie to call him.  So yeah, we’ve got Eric and then the longshots Bill, Quinn, Sam, and (yes I’m stretching it) Alcide.  No one new has cropped up to add to the list thankfully. With this next statement, I will cause great offense with many, but personally I am not an Eric fan for Sookie.  I know he is hot and all, but I’ve just never seen it for those two.

So who are you putting your money on?

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10 years ago

I think there is a possibility she won’t end up with anyone. She will discover she is happy being part owner. But if she does, my money is on Sam 🙂

Sophia Rose
10 years ago
Reply to  SharonS

Hurray! I love seeing that I’m not the only one who likes the possibility of a longshot to end the series.

Thanks for stopping by Sharon!