Review: Forking Around by Erin Nicholas

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Review: Forking Around by Erin Nicholas
Forking Around

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Series: Hot Cakes #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Small Publisher
Released on May 12, 2020
Pages: 305
Format: eBook
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The Delight

Forking Around takes on Jane and Dax, two very different people. Watching these two overcome their differences and find purpose was rich in the meaning of being a good person. Dax may be the “fun” guy, but we learn it goes deeper than just having gummy bears in his office.


Jane is the one character in this series I always wondered about. She loves Buttered Ups pastries, works for Hot Cakes and doesn’t want it to be more than a job and has some heavy responsibility only hinted at in the first book in the series. The one thing she never apologizes for his her love of pastries. From cake pops to strawberry pie, she never turns down a sweet and never gives it up either. So when a sexy guy approaches her teasing for taking the last red velvet cake pop, she feels the need to run but not without the cake pops.

Dax is one of the new owners of Hot Cakes. When introducing themselves as the new owners of Hot Cakes, he spies the redhead making cake pops sexier than they are alone. Approaching her he turns on the charm and knows she is just trying to run away. But he isn’t letting her get away that fast. The next thing Jane knows is he is job shadowing her making changes to everything she has held as just a job. She wants nothing more than to put in her time, not get promoted, and not to get a pay raise because an owner wants in her pants. And with that he sells his portion of the Hot Cakes company, giving Jane no reason not to see each other.

The problem arises that Jane has a lot on her plate. Her Dad is in a nursing home losing himself a little each day. Her stepmom is kind of like the wicked stepmom with her own daughter and Jane’s half-sister (not the stepmom’s kid) who is still a minor. Mediating the wars between the girls with her stepmom dumps in on her, Jane still goes home to clean the house, helping her sister who cleans up after the other two. Life isn’t a picnic and while being with Dax is sexy, it can’t last.

Dax for his part is the fun guy. He doesn’t get along with his father even though he is a successful businessman. Thumbing his nose at him with bean bags as chairs, bright yellow walled offices, gummy bears in jars and generally teasing and tormenting everyone with his humor. But this all hides a man who wanted acceptance from his dad, taking care of his partners and trying to find something that will bring purpose to his life other than babes at Comic Con.

Making Jane’s life a little easier comes naturally and not by throwing money at it. Impromptu karaoke moments while cleaning toilets. Or going somewhere just to sample treats. Dax shows Jane that sharing a burden is not a burden and Jane taught Dax that sometimes life isn’t a joke and you need to do the work.

This is a sexy story with two people confident in their sexual prowess and taking what they want. Dax more easily saw him in Jane’s life, but Jane had to learn that life is to short not to ask for help. Just existing is not living. We meet a lot of new people in this story and I cherish each one. And now I have the rest of the series matched up and can’t wait to see it all play out.

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About the Book
Forking Around by Erin NicholasFORKING AROUND BY ERIN NICHOLAS

A hot boss, Cinderella, opposites attract, small town rom com!

Everyone thinks Dax Marshall is a prince of a guy. And he’s definitely charming.

But Jane has enough going on without adding a torrid fling with the boss to her life. Between her father’s illness, her wicked-ish stepmother, her little sister’s teenage drama, and the co-workers who depend on her—she can’t handle another mess.

No matter how tempting and gorgeous the mess may be. Or how messy he wants to get with her.

Dax has spent his life being very serious about only one thing: proving you can be successful while still having a helluva good time. But he’s just met the one woman who might break his I-can-charm-anyone streak. She’s actually taking him seriously…and she seriously thinks they have nothing in common and can’t be together.

Maybe he’s the one who needs a new view of happily ever after. It’s time to stop forking around.


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Sophia Rose
1 year ago

You are really selling me on this series. I love the sound of the real life troubles and the average people types in this series.

1 year ago

I’m trying to remember if I already tried this author but I’m not sure

Carole Rae
1 year ago

Screw the guy. I want that pie!! I

1 year ago

The title on this one caught my attention, and after reading your review I’m pretty convinced that it’s one I’d like to read. I like the sounds of the characters so much! Just the right amount of fun with personal challenge mixed in. Great review!


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