Review: Godiva Unbridled by Jenny Dare

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Review: Godiva Unbridled by Jenny Dare
Godiva Unbridled

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Genres: Erotic Romance, Historical Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on November 27, 2013
Pages: 132
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I absolutely loved the idea of writing a fun historical romance story with Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom as the heroine and hero of the piece.  I can appreciate an authentic layered historical fiction, but I’m also equally capable of enjoying a lighter less than accurate piece too.  I enjoyed this combined retelling of the Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom story.

For those who aren’t sure exactly what was the story behind the names Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom and thus this plot, I’ll spill it for you.  Lady Godiva was a beautiful noblewoman in medieval times who was so moved by the plight of the people of the town of Coventry that she rode a horse naked through the streets in protest.  Peeping Tom was of course exactly what you imagine him to have been, but in this story he becomes the hero and love interest.  The two had no real connection in history, but are brought together for this story.

Godiva is married to a cold, greed earl who squeezes the people for all they have through heavy taxes.  She was in love with his brother and found marriage to the earl insufferable.  Godiva attempts escape from Edwin hoping to get to the lands that she inherited separately when he discovers her.  He is so angry over her attempt to escape him and that she has challenged him about the way he treats his people that he snidely offers her a bet.  If she will ride through Coventry naked on a specific day, then he will lower the taxes.  She counter-offers and exacts the promise that in addition he must grant her a divorce.  Before the earl can change his mind, Godiva makes good on her escape only to take a hard fall from her horse and lose her memory.

Thomas finds the beautiful barely clad young woman in his uncle’s orchard.  He cares for her needs and in turn learns to love the mysterious lady.  Godiva not knowing her past also falls for Tom.  They live an idyllic existence hidden away to themselves eventually coming together for some heated passion, but all the while Edwin plots.  And everyone wonders if the Lady Godiva will make her appearance for the fateful ride.

This is a light read focusing on the erotic romance between Godiva and Thomas.  I found it enjoyable and diverting.  In the end, I was so vested in the outcome that I fought the urge to fling my e-reader from me when it stopped abruptly with a huge cliff-hanger.  No, say it isn’t so, but yes it did.

If you enjoy a light romantic sexy romp set in a historical backdrop, give this novella a try.


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Midnyte Reader
9 years ago

This actually sounds really fun. I enjoyed reading how you described it.

Sophia Rose
9 years ago
Reply to  Midnyte Reader

Ah, it was a romp with both a serious and a light side with lots of steam.

Thanks for the compliment Midnyte Reader.