Review: Hero Rising by Aubrie Dionne

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Review: Hero Rising by Aubrie Dionne
A Hero Rising

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Series: A New Dawn,
Genres: Sci-Fi Romance
Published by Entangled
Released on February 7, 2012
Pages: 156
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What an absolutely action packed read that sets a heart-thumping pace! But what else can be expected?  It’s the end of the world.

In this futuristic Sci-Fi tale, the earth has become over populated, its resources are drained, civilization is failing, and an alien substance found on the moon and used as a drug has turned many of the world’s inhabitants into mindless creatures known as moonshiners seeking out human flesh.  With the world going to pot, the government is forced to start evacuating the planet so transport ships are taking off colonists that have been deemed, by their DNA, to be the best and fitting survivors and leaving the rest to fend for themselves on the dying world.

The story begins on the eventful day that a power hungry gang decides to assassinate the governor of New York so they can take over things and steal what they need.  Skye, a woman who lived in an orphanage and then took to the streets was brought into the home of one of these Razorback gang members named, Grease to live with him and his daughter.  Unfortunately, Skye has learned to mistrust the gang and she has watched Grease slowly change as he began taking that drug that was mined on the moon called Morpheus.  She begs him not to be a part of the killing and takeover, but he leaves her alone with his daughter and defenseless against the moonshiners who are coming in over the cities walls.  Later, Skye knows that the assassination failed and that Grease is not coming back.  Now, she must call upon the street savvy skills that she hasn’t used for three years to care for Carly and herself.

James is a leader of a gang and he has heavy responsibilities.  First, he is forced to give up his love when, because of her gifts, she is chosen to pilot one of the evacuation ships and he is denied a place because he has a heart arrhythmia.  He is able to secure a place for three hundred of his people, but he still worries about the others who like himself are denied.  His mentor contacts him and shares that there may be one slim chance to evacuate the rest of their people and time is against them because the government is determined to nuke the whole city to stop the once human creatures that are infesting the city.  There is a transport ship that was never finished being stored out in the barrens.  James just needs to appropriate a hover craft to get him there, fly the ship and come back for the others.

Along the way, James rescues Skye and Carly from a moonshiner and he agrees to take them with him on his quest to bring back the last transport ship.  And the story just gets even more exciting from there.

The plot was strong and the pace almost made me breathless just trying to keep up with James and Skye as they worked toward their goal some times barely surviving the dangers along the way.  All the time, their relationship alters as trust is built and then feelings grow stronger.  Both hesitate to verbalize feelings because of the uncertainty of things, but also because neither are sure the other would share the same feelings.  Some would say the feelings James and Skye felt came on quick, but I didn’t feel that way because there’s just something about living under those life and death circumstances that just makes each good thing- like life saving, comfort, and companionship- mean more in the few precious minutes, hours, and days these guys had.  This was a sweet romance with nothing hot and steamy going down (hey, saving the world, remember?)

I was also impressed with the world building.  The image of a tired old earth over populated and at the end of its resources while having the advanced technologies was well done.  The society that is described felt true to that sort of environment.  It took but a moment for me to catch on to what was going on even as the situation was fed to me steadily throughout the story.  I did not mind the old ‘Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore’ feeling I had at first because that is always one of the fun things about reading Sci-Fi (in my humble opinion).

The characters were superb.  I loved how they were well-developed without a lot of time spent describing them.  Both the main characters, James and Skye, were heroic.  They didn’t whine and fuss over their poor circumstances and neither of them curled up into balls and gave up.  They were selfless fighters in their desire to help others.  James is undoubtedly leadership quality goods, but Skye’s a canny gal who’s got his back making them the perfect team.  Little Carly was so sweet and yet brave in her own right.

This was definitely a great read and I look forward to reading the others in the series.  It is the third book published in the New Dawn series, but it is the first in chronological order.  It goes far in explaining things in the previous books.  I recommend this one for those who enjoy Dystopian, Sci-Fi, or Action in their romance reads.

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9 years ago

Thank you so much for this awesome review! 🙂

Sophia Rose
9 years ago
Reply to  Aubrie

You’re very welcome! Loved your book and I look forward to the others in the series.

9 years ago

I’ve been meaning to pick up this series because I’m always in the mood for good scifirom.

Sophia Rose
9 years ago
Reply to  Rhys

This one is so on the go. Its amazing how she is able to still give you a good relationship build and romance. Do try it, Rhys!