Review: I Will Not Beg by Cherise Sinclair

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Review: I Will Not Beg by Cherise Sinclair
I Will Not Beg

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Series: Mountain Masters & Dark Haven #9
Genres: BDSM Romance, Contemporary Romance
Published by VanScoy Publishing Group
Released on June 25, 2019
Format: eARC
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The Delight

When my favorite author contacted me through FB offering me an ARC of her latest book, I am forever grateful! She didn’t have to do it, but I am so happy she did. To be fair, I also bought the book. Cherise Sinclair is an autobuy author and no way I canceling my pre-order. The story is captivating and harsh with an uplifting ending that had my faith in humanity restored.


The story starts up years before current time where we see Piper Delaney in a very bad relationship. Relationship really is too nice of a word for what it really is. Piper, starved for affection, falls for a Doms gentle, but forceful touch. When he has her sign a slave contract, she loves him enough to believe life will continue the way it has only to find the harsh reality anything but loving. Abusive is what it is in the end, but he has convinced her she signed away all her rights and any court would uphold the contract she signed. Young and naive, she sees no way out of the existence of being nothing but worthless to her master.

When he takes Piper to a slave event, along with his new slave, he has already abused Piper so much her confidence is at an all time low. Shaved head, sprained ankle and scars, she overhears her master talking to another Master who is talking about how the contracts aren’t legal. About how slaves have a right, contract or not, to leave. This is what Piper needs to find the courage to escape.

Fast forward to current times and Piper has built a life. She is a business owner, has an apartment, great friends and confidence in herself, but she cannot connect with what she considers good men. Men not into D/s.  They just aren’t exciting her. One evening after work she goes up to the top of the apartment building for a party her neighbors have arranged. She knows Dixon and Stan are in the BDSM community, but quickly finds out a lot of the party goers are as well. She can’t pass up an opportunity to work the party getting her business name out there, but she also mis-reads an interaction and steps in it royally, but also she stands her ground thinking she is protecting another woman like herself.

When business picks up, she realizes she is getting an in with the BDSM community and of course she meets the Dom she called out at the party. He’s a client and she plans to treat him like any other client, but she also has panic attacks related to her past. When the women of Dark Haven find out she is a submissive, they decide to show her the club only for her to have a really bad panic attack, which the one Dom she doesn’t want to get involved with, brings her back down.

Sir Ethan is a successful business man and really a Sir from Britain. A bad situation in his life made him lose everything, but he has remade himself with the help of his best friend, My Liege. He wants to help Piper, but he has vowed never to have a permanent submissive in his life. Been there, done that, burn. But Piper’s submission calls to him. Her fierce protectiveness, how she has over come such a bad situation with hope still in her heart, her successful business and her need to server. He finds himself liking her. Caring for her. And backing away from all he thought he knew.

Events rear their dark heads setting of both Ethan and Piper, but they both need to deal with their past before they an build a future. There is deep darkness to the novel, but also a great lightness in the group of friends who band together to help both of them. Ethan at first thinks he is helping Piper, but quickly learns he has his own triggers to work through that makes him just as human as Piper is.

Cherise Sinclair never shies away from taking on hard subjects. It takes great crafting of story to make it believable, but also make the reader feel the need to jump into the story and protect them. It was hard to read about what the old master said and did to Piper. Her soul was extremely pure and good. She just wanted to be loved and accepted.

What I also loved about the story is while Piper had a Master who was a sadist, in no way did Sir Ethan ever come close to be sadistic. I won’t say he was a saint, because he wasn’t, he just did it everything in his power to make sure it was a green situation and when it wasn’t, he never once made her feel bad for having issues. He was learning about her just as much as she was overcoming her own triggers. And Shabari….oh, my I love Shabari! It is an art form and so beautiful.

I can’t recommend this story enough. We see old characters we love, new characters we love and a love story that could be vanilla when needed and chocolate when it was definitely needed. It showed the bad side of the world, while also showing the good side of the world. Everyone is human, but actions speak louder than words at times.

You do not have to have read the series to enjoy this story, but there characters from the series that do make an appearance and have major roles in the romance. You still don’t need to know their story to appreciate who they are and their contribution to the story. But I highly recommend you read the series. It is wonderful. Also, do yourself a favor and read I Will Not Beg. It is a story that will stay with you long after the last page.

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Sophia Rose
2 years ago

My heart aches for both of them, but especially Piper. This sounds sexy, but also deeply emotional and character-driven, too.

Carole rae
2 years ago

Glad this worked even though it is so far in the series. It sounds super good

2 years ago

When I was exclusively reading BDSM novels awhile back, Cherise Sinclair was definitely one of my go to authors. I’d love to see any of her books made into a movie. Her storytelling is pretty phenomenal. Hugs, RO