Review: Impact by Cassandra Carr

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Review: Impact by Cassandra Carr

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Series: Buckin’ Bull Riders #1
Genres: BDSM Romance
Published by Ellora's Cave
Released on February 1, 2012
Pages: 155
Format: eBook
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Connor Raub is a bull rider with a secret. He’s a Dom in a highly conservative rodeo circuit. While saving a sub at a BDSM sex club, his hood is knocked off allowing a few people to see his true face. Hoping no one saw, he continues on with is life, none the wiser that he has been made.

Jessica Talbot is a new to the BDSM world and just watching from the sidelines. When she see’s Connor rescue a sub in trouble, she recognizes him right away when his hood is knocked off. Jessica works on the circuit keeping track of the cattle and making sure all the paperwork is filled out. When Connor sees her get manhandled, he steps in to prevent it from going any further but makes her promise to meet later.

The two end up in bed together and when Connor jokingly threatens to spank her and she puts him to the test. She admits she saw him and wants to have him train her to be a BDSM submissive.  He refuses, afraid that more than just Jessica has seen him and his business and pleasure. Jessica won’t take no for an answer and they fall into a loose BDSM relationship as they travel from rodeo to rodeo.

Let me say that this book is well written, I just had problems with the BDSM aspects. So what was the problems? Jessica topped from the bottom…a lot. She would take over and start to do something and he would let her, throwing out his plans. Then there was Connor knowing what he wants, but not being able to decide if he really wants it or not. He never seems to be in control. At one point he gives Jessica a task to shave herself. She works late and then he gets injured and she never gets around to shaving. He says they will do it that night. They don’t. In fact they don’t for the entire book. How is he going to keep the respect of being the Dom if he doesn’t follow through with what he asked for? Oh, yeah, he punishes her for something he wants her to quit doing and he even says she won’t respect him if he doesn’t follow through. The last thing I had a problem with in the BDSM realm…they never once negotiate or talk about limits. While they only do mild BDSM stuff, it is something I just can’t get over. Neither one really knew what  the other one wanted or needed from this relationship.

The love scenes were delightfully hot, but I also had problems with those. There were a lot of blow jobs. No delicate way to put it. Almost every sexual encounter ends or begins with a blow job. In fact, he is with a different sub in the beginning of the book. She is due a punishment, but they get interrupted when he goes to save another sub in distress. When he gets back, the sub he is with wants to give him a blow job as a way of saying thanks for saving the other sub. It constantly felt forced and unnatural.

We get to meet Jessica’s family, all three brothers, mom and dad. On the flip side we never see Connor’s family. We don’t even hear about them. It is like they aren’t even in his life. Maybe I just didn’t intake that part of the book for long term knowledge, but it would seem you need to learn more about each other’s past or nothing at all.

After all of this you probably think I didn’t like the book? Well, I had mixed emotions. If the book had not gotten into the BDSM elements, it probably would have gotten a higher score from me. It is a very spicy erotic book that didn’t need the BDSM elements to make it a very fun book. Unfortunately, those BDSM elements pulled me away from enjoying the book as much as I wanted to. I wanted so much more from this book, but couldn’t find what I wanted.While this one book hasn’t turned me off this author or series, I am hoping the next book is better and gets over some of the issues I found in this book.


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