Review: Just My Luck by Gail Koger

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Just My Luck by Gail Koger
Just My Luck

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Genres: Sci-Fi Romance
Released on July 9, 2009
Pages: 361
Source: Author
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NOTE:  Book is out of print at this time.  Author is negotiating for the rights so it can be offered up for sale in the near future.

I discovered this little gem after I read the third book, Vexing Voss, in the series and had such a blast that I wanted to go back to the beginning and get it all from the top.  Seriously, these books are like biblio-crack.  I am so hooked.  They give me such a good laugh and are such fun and upbeat sci-fi whimsy.  The books totally laugh at themselves and wink at the readers while inviting us to laugh with them.

The story is a parallel earth retelling of the experiences of a feisty female from a very psychically gifted family of humans who are all dedicated people either working for the military or law enforcement as they seek to keep the big baddies away.  And when I say big bads, I’m referring to flesh eating aliens who have a thing for succulent humans.  The TaiKok and their allies the Rodan are now ravaging earth and the humans are just barely surviving.  Something’s gotta give and Kaylee inadvertently becomes the catalyst.

Her powerful psychic ability has hooked an alien mind somewhere off planet who seems to think she’s his.  Somehow when Kaylee sets out to do some routine cop stuff she ends up taking on a Mexican gang, a shipload of Rodan, avoiding the ire of her many relations and lands herself smack dab in the very cell her scary alien psychic friend is occupying and oh wow, is he a vampire alien who wants her for a snack?  Just all in a day of Kaylee’s life.

And thus begins the further adventures of Kaylee ‘Calamity’ Jones who sets out with her Coletti Warlord, Talree, a few spidey friends and a big bad Askole male to keep the galaxy safe from a power-hungry group who will destroy everything in their path.  In the middle of her busy schedule, she manages to discover what it is truly like to have a Coletti male claim her as mate and has to work to stay two steps ahead of his plans to tuck her away nice and safe from the action.

I freely admit that the story was all over the place at times just the way Kaylee was- rather spontaneous and in the moment, but that does not mean that there were no definable plot threads.  Most of the time, I enjoy a tighter plot, but in this instance, this one worked for me because it was just all about the fun.  Kaylee’s exploits were most definitely over the top and she was freaky blessed with psychic-power and fighting ability along with a mouth that didn’t quit.  She was like a comic super-heroine without much depth to her character, but she isn’t meant to either since it’s not that kind of story.  I had a good time hitching a ride with her from cover to cover.

I got some inventive world building with the alien races and how they did things.  I adored her little spider baby friends even though in real life I would have turned into a ninja commando if I had hairy spiders on or near me.

The alien loving sort of cracked me up.  The description of Talree’s equipment and Kaylee’s reaction to him was more comic than romantic especially when she gave him a mental picture of her brother as a child and Talree got all smug about being so much more well-endowed than human males.  The two getting together was almost an after thought half the time and Talree’s way to get Kaylee compliant.  The story is told all from Kaylee’s perspective, but there were enough hints to believe that Talree really did care for Kaylee in his own stubborn alpha-male way and she sure enough cared about his motives for wanting her because she was falling for him too.  It’s what made the dynamics fun when she flouted him and freaked him out all the time when he found her in danger.

The secondary characters like Talree’s father the big powerful Overlord was a fun addition along with all Kaylee’s family chiming in through their mental link.  The lead villain seems to be a good one to hate for what he’s up to and how much misery he causes, but he wasn’t really present most of the time.  Kaylee and the other heroes had to mostly deal with his ‘cannon fodder’ henchmen to do his dirty work.

So, that leaves me just to say that I really want to read the Overlord’s story and continue on with more from this series.  I recommend this story and this series to those who enjoy light, fun swashbuckling-style Sci-Fi Romance with a spunky trouble-some heroine who manages to save the day between bouts of loving with her uber alpha warlord.

My thanks to the author for gifting me this copy for which I have gifted her with my honest thoughts on her book.

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