Review: Kiss Me, Katie by Monica Tillery

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Review: Kiss Me, Katie by Monica Tillery
Kiss Me, Katie

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This sounded like such a cute story that I looked forward to the opportunity to settle in for a lovely, relaxing read.  It had the fairy-tale quality to it though it’s set in the contemporary world of a country singer’s music tour and I do like to change things up for dreamy books like this.

Katie McCoy is now living out the start of her dream of making it as a musician since the band she belongs to was chosen to open for successful singer, Blake Jackson.  Katie meets Blake almost the moment she arrives and has a gushing fangirl moment that he doesn’t seem to mind because he seems to be interested in her too.

Blake sees the cute and sweet new fiddle player for his opening act and envisions her as a nice distraction while they’re on tour together.  He has a hard time with relationships because they don’t work well with the type of career he has.  With an attractive girl traveling right along with him, he sees this as near perfect.

Things take off fast for Blake and Katie with both of them knowing that her band will be leaving the tour in a short amount of time.  Katie’s bandmate warns her to keep in mind that it’s common for things to happen fast and hard on a tour.  This and her own sense of self keep her slightly grounded even while she gives up her heart quickly to Blake.

Blake is equally enamored with Katie and starts to realize that she’s so much more than he anticipated.  His family loves her and she truly sees him as a person.  Before he gets much of a chance to digest this, he blurts out a half-thought out offer to Katie to leave her band and travel with him for the rest of the tour.

When Katie sensibly wants a little more guarantee from him since he’s asking her to ditch her band and at the least postpone her own career chances, Blake freezes up.  Its heartwrenching for her, but then things go from bad to worse for her.

My thoughts on this book leave me with an overall feeling of enjoyment, but it had a few things that detracted a little for me.  I really enjoyed many aspects of it, but there were also times that I had a disconnect feeling.  The first thing that troubled me was that I wasn’t convinced about their relationship.  I’m not one who gets upset when a relationship comes on fast and ‘I Love Yous’ get tossed around early on, but I do have to be convinced by actions and words that its real.  Katie was a fangirl with stars in her eyes; Blake was looking for someone to fill time though he dreamed of a future with a true relationship.  Neither of them did or said anything to convince me differently until later on in the story and by then their conflict was a result of what gave me reservations in the first place.  That leads me to the next thing that struck me wrong.  There is a skipped over time period that involves soulsearching and heartbreak- big stuff, right?  But it’s only referred back to in the finally leg of the story making me not as vested in the outcome as I could have been.

With all that being said, this is a solid story with a tender romance, likeable characters who are learning as they go, easy writing style and a good choice of backdrop against which the story takes place.

This is a great fit for those who enjoy sweet Contemporary Romances with a fairy-tale quality to them.

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