Review: Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun

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Review: Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun
Liberating Lacey

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Ellora's Cave
Released on November 1, 2009
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I bought this book back in November 2011 on a suggestion of a Twitter follower and promptly forgot I had bought it. It wasn’t because of anything other than going into the Christmas season and being incredibly busy I just plain forgot I bought it. I so regret forgetting it!

Taking her love life into her own hands, Lacey heads out to a nightclub for basically a one night stand. Newly divorced, she is ready to spice up her sex life after being bored to death with the missionary position. Having given up her wild life for married life, she wants to experience everything she missed. When she meets Hunter, she knows what she is missing.

Time to lay all her cards on the table. She copied his attentive stance, leaning in to speak into his ear rather than shouting over the driving beat of the dance music. “Someone who can show me what I’ve been missing for the last decade. I’m recently divorced and spent my marriage having sex in the missionary position once a week. I want to broaden my horizons.”

Hunter moves from woman to woman, never committing. He knows what he is getting into with Lacey. A night of passion and out the door he goes. But he is drawn to Lacey by forces he can’t understand. And he likes the missionary position…but not in the way Lacey has experienced it.

It was his turn to lean in. Each warm breath riffled the hair at her temple and tantalizing heat radiated from his body. “Because there’s nothing like the feel of a woman’s body under mine, all tight and hot and wet as she slowly comes apart.

Within a short time, I was fanning myself from the heat rolling off the pages!

After one night of passion, both are trying how to handle what comes next. Both wanting more, but both wanting to move on. They’re drawn to each other despite what their mind is telling them. At times the 8 year age difference seemed to be a problem and at others it didn’t seem to matter. At one point Lacey is questioning what is going on with them, but Hunter asks her one question: Is she where she wants to be? That is a question that keeps coming up throughout the book as they transverse going from a hook up to a couple.

Lacey is a commercial mortgage broker, coming from old money as well, but also making a lot of her own money. She is never pretentious. She loves working and doesn’t make excuses for loving it. The house she lives in is her grandparents house and has a lot of family memories, but also she decorates it to the T. On the flip side, Hunter is a police officer living paycheck to paycheck, but doesn’t mind. He also helps his father with his remodeling construction business. He is not out for a sugar mama and in fact insists when they go out, he pays.

It’s hard to explain why I loved this book. There was incredibly erotic scenes of love making that rocked my socks off. They had fun activities outside of the bedroom too. They didn’t grapple so much with the relationship part. They both thought about it, but they were extremely calm when they discussed anything about it. I guess why I loved it was I kept putting my thoughts into the story. I wanted them to get together and deal with the issues: age, money, family, social status, etc. But really they didn’t matter, except maybe for money. They did hit on all of those topics and yes, they were uncomfortable parts, but each conversation they discussed and overcame the obstacles.

Hinting at the love scenes above, I have to say these were so hot. That seems too mild a description. There is a scene where Hunter plays the rogue cop to her snotty lady. I was sweating and breathing heavy through the entire scene. But let’s not forget the public sex (multiple times), stair sex, and car sex. There wasn’t a place taboo for these two. The passion rolled off my Kindle, almost catching on fire this was so sexy!

I feel I am handling this review all wrong. That happens when I love a book so much I don’t think I can do justice to it in a review. I can’t recommend this book enough. It wasn’t pretentious, or too drama ridden. It dealt with real life with a unstoppable libido. Read it! You won’t regret it!

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