Review: Love in the Afternoon by Alison Packard

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Review: Love in the Afternoon by Alison Packard
Love in the Afternoon

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Carina Press
Released on December 17, 2012
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I really don’t know how this book ended up on my Audible app. One day I was looking for a book to listen to and this one was there and I said, what the heck! While there is no series listed anywhere for this book, there is a second book coming out in July where the hero and heroine make appearances in this book. In fact the hero, Sean, from this book is best friends with Matt, hero from the second book. To confuse matters more Kayla, the hero in this book, is the sister of Kelly, the heroine in the next book. So I smell some kind of series here 🙂 To make matters more confusing, I listened to this book entirely, without reading one page of it.

Kayla Maxwell is a budding new actress, who has landed on the soap opera A New Dawn. After a year of playing Shay, a character who has had an affair with a married man, the producers have found a new way to take her character: as the love interest to Jared, a character still mourning the death of his one true love. While excited to land a better place on the show, Kayla is dealing with some threatening letters and people who can’t separate Kayla from the role she plays on screen. Having a crush on Sean Barrett, the guy who plays Jared, isn’t going to help matters at all since she recently got out of an abusive relationship with a fellow actor.

Sean Barrett has been on A New Dawn playing Jared for over a decade. When the producers decide it is time for Jared to find love again, Sean isn’t to keen on working in a new actress, but Kayla is a natural and makes everything easy. Way to easy in fact for him to really start to like her. It also helps that the two share the same publicist who keep throwing them together at conventions even if Sean doesn’t want to go to them. He’s not ready to get involved, let alone with someone at work, but the attraction comes naturally.

The two take their time to fall into dating, sex and even love. It isn’t a fast wham bam book. That doesn’t mean the sex isn’t hot, because it is! It just isn’t in your face. The two become friends and grow close to each other before eventually calling it what it is, attraction. They both have some baggage to get over. Kayla having dealt with a verbally abusive boyfriend, doesn’t want to get involved again with an actor and his ego. Sean is the son of a successful actor who wants more for his son than a soap opera career.

Throw in some really great side characters, a little suspense finding who is stalking Kayla and even a very bad fight scene between Kayla and Sean, you get an exciting look into life of an actress, actor and what happens when danger comes calling.

With Kayla’s bubbly personality and natural talent, I thought she gave Sean a run for his money on the show. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing more of these characters in the next book, The Winning Season.

I recommend this to anyone wanting a feel good romance, where both characters aren’t messed totally up, and really truly care for one another. And don’t forget the sex is pretty hot too!

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Sophia Rose
8 years ago

A Daytime TV romance. Cool!
8 years ago

The mainstream Hollywood companies can’t determine specifically whatthe public prefer or can get as they would previously. When you add to that distribution world wide web, news, websites online, from rumor to entire films. It really is a brand-new world. A lot of it really good, some not.