Review: Love Is Blind by Janine Infante Bosco

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Review: Love Is Blind by Janine Infante Bosco
Love Is Blind

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Series: The Satan's Knights MC North Carolina #2
Genres: Motorcycle Club Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on June 11, 2021
Pages: 192
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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The Delight

Love is Blind leads us to a dark place both figuratively and physically. Two wounded souls learnings love can color a world of darkness neither thought they would see again. Both offer a safe haven to each other while dealing with the reality of life.


The story opens with Ghost threatening a porn star outside of a bathroom in a BBQ joint. It doesn’t shed him in a good light, especially since it was the first book I read in this series and didn’t have the back story. Even having read the first book now, Ghost is pretty damaged. It takes a while for the story to come out, and when it does, you feel your heartbreak. Bianca, Ghost’s baby momma, isn’t all that great of a person and does something that brings out Ghost’s inner demon of unforgiveness.

Meet Birdie, who isn’t feeling much better than Ghost. Blind since the age of 14, she is running from her past. A past that is going to catch up with her soon. Needing a release, she propositions Ghost and gets more than she expected.

Ghost is running from the demons that took his child. His only purpose in life is the VP of Satan’s Knights, and even that isn’t keeping him away from drugs, sex, and basic mayhem. A blind woman can’t see all the guilt that is plainly displayed on his face. So while he doesn’t see this as a second chance, he does take over to be Birdie’s eyes, thinking he can take care of her even if it is only one night. But one night colors his world in a way he never expected to happen again.

Birdie feels the spark while she can’t see it. But she isn’t free to be with anyone with her past haunting her. Being friends isn’t working either, as she craves the feeling she gets when she is around Ghost. Riding on the back of his bike gives her the freedom she never expected to feel. But she also soothes the demons that threaten Ghost.

They end up being the voice of reason for each other. Birdie gives Ghost what he needs: peace. Ghost gives Birdie what she needs: security. The two take care of each other. I can’t explain it, but the story grabbed me on just how right these two were for each other.

Maverick and Holly from Forsaking All Others make several appearances to help these lovers realize what they have found. The biker’s legit business of training support dogs makes an appearance, and some other club members, I hope to get a story!

Learning to live in color without sight might seem wrong. The story brings their life to color but also allows them to find solace in each other when life is being too harsh. Will Ghost ever forgive? Who knows, and in reality, I am not sure I could forgive what someone did to him. A future and purpose were not what either was looking for, but they both got what they needed. A heartwarming but also harsh story that will grab your heart and never let go.

About the book
Love Is Blind by Janine Infante BoscoLOVE IS BLIND BY JANINE INFANTE BOSCO

The things I’ve lost could shatter any man.
Send him on a downward spiral.
I would’ve punched my own ticket if it weren’t for the Satan’s Knights.
Instead, I became the VP of the Knightdale Charter.
A man can’t drown in his misery when he’s got responsibilities.
So I look for things to dull the pain.
Sex. Drugs. Whatever.
When you’ve been to hell and back, the only time worth having is a good one.
My little Birdie knows this self-destructive path, too.
That’s why I can’t stay away from her.
The highs are higher when you don’t fly alone.
But I’m not the only ghost in her life, and her past isn’t letting her go.
I thought my club was the only thing left for me to love.
It turns out I was wrong.

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Sophia Rose
10 months ago

Now, this one drew my curiosity more than the first one. I love that she is a heroine living with blindness.

10 months ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Yep, I felt the same way about this one over the first one. Ghost is really messed up, but having a blind heroine put a few things in perspective on how to deal with loss. I ended up liking this one way more than I expected so I headed to get the first book. I am on the fence if I want to continue reading this author’s books.

Carole Rae
10 months ago

The story opens with Ghost threatening a porn star outside of a bathroom in a BBQ joint”
WOAH! what a way to start 😉

10 months ago
Reply to  Carole Rae

I didn’t quite understand why he was threatening her, and when I say threatening, I mean he was holding himself back from actually performing the threat. For a moment, I thought she would be the love interest, and I would be pissed. Fortunately, the porn star is a holdover from the first book and doesn’t get much page time. This scene, though, shows just how far Ghost has fallen into his grief, that he would threaten a woman so graphically.