Afternoon Delight: Love & Tattoos by Lissa Matthews

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Afternoon Delight: Love & Tattoos by Lissa Matthews
Love & Tattoos

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Genres: Erotic Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on October 30, 2013
Format: eBook
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Love & Tattoos by Lissa Matthews is a story of one night of lust, love, and discovery.

Brax had one defining moment in his career as a corporate lawyer that made him realize what he wanted to do with his life. While he enjoyed being a lawyer, he realized he loved the artistry of being a tattoo artist. He gives up practicing law to move closer to his best friend Joe and become a partner in Love & Tattoos. The unspoken code of not hitting on your best friends sister sits heavy with Brax, but he has loved Annie since she was in college, never acting upon it.

Annie is dealing with a crisis of knowing herself and what she wants. Loving Brax since she was sixteen, she never believes they will get together. Let go from her corporate job, she heads home to figure out what she really wants, often hiding it from even her brother.

Then one day Brax has had enough hiding. He wants Annie and Joe is out of town. Pushing Annie to meet him in a game of twenty questions…strip poker kind of thing. The two learn more about each other in one night of passion. The basis for a relationship already there having known each other for years, they just needed the spark that would push them together.

I loved how they teased, touched, and discovered each other. Secrets were revealed, but nothing so drama filled to turn anyone off. In fact, I adored the exploration they did of tattoos, piercings, and even their art.

Now what I really wanted was an answer to the last question in the book. I wanted to meet Joe more and see how he really reacted to his little sister hooking up with his best friend. I wanted to get to know someone else beside just the deli guy. Did all of this turn me off? No, I just hope Lissa comes back and fills in the blanks and creates the town I want to move to some day.

Do you have a tattoo? Do you feel tattoos are an expression of love?
If you are too afraid of getting one, but love them, where would you want one and what would it be?

Delighted Reader Afternoon Delight

About Lissa Matthews

Living in North Carolina, talented, multi-published author, Lissa Matthews, has many loves in her life: Family, friends, NASCAR, football, music of all kinds, cooking, BDSM, and last, but not least, coffee. She loves it so much she and those who know her are surprised she hasn’t floated away on a caffeine-induced cloud while giving life to feisty heroines and hunky heroes.

Lissa’s love of romance came from every book she has ever picked up. No matter what she read, she fell in love with the written word. The promise of escape, the deep, intriguing characters, and the winding journey from beginning to end, constantly drew her into bookstores and libraries as she was growing up.

Her first stories were written in junior high and she kept it up through college. She would stay up late at night when her kids were little reading romance and still penning her own stories. In 2007, when she and her family moved to North Carolina from Florida, she began pursuing writing as a profession and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else… Well, except maybe writing in her own cupcake bakery/coffee shop. But that dream is a ways down the road… Lucky for Lissa, she believes in dreams coming true.

Lissa is married with two children and seven, yes, seven cats. She blames her oldest child for the cats.

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Anna@herding cats&burning soup

OOo the best friends sibling combo. I love those! Tattoos and piercings? Hmm. That so works for me. On the list it goes 🙂