Review: Luna and the Lie by Mariana Zapata

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Review: Luna and the Lie by Mariana Zapata
Luna and the Lie

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on December 12, 2018
Pages: 576
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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The Delight

A lonely woman, one with a horrible past not of her own making, crushes on one of her bosses at work. An equally lonely man, one with a horrible past, finally pushes past his own self imposed exile from anything good in order to help a coworker. This slow burn romance gave me all the ‘feels” and then some.


Luna works at a body shop and classic car restoring business. She’s been there for nine years, although she’s only twenty six. Her boss, Mr. Cooper, hired her because she was desperate and also took her into his and his wife’s home when she was seventeen and a runaway. Now she’s very good at her job, owns her own home and has raised her three younger sisters on her own. Six years into her job there, a new boss is brought into her work out of the blue. Rip is everything Mr. Cooper isn’t. He is not the kind, caring type to put it mildly. While Luna is a friend to everyone at her work, he is shut down and has no friends. He is what her coworkers call, a hard ass. Luna pretty much falls for him immediately, but knows better than to ever think he would look at her that way. It’s three years later and they rarely speak until one day she needs a big favor.

Both of the main characters were very complex. Luna always tries to be the optimist, spends her time reiterating to herself that she is loved, that she has a home, a good job, all while bad things are happening around her concerning the people she loves or to herself. She’s has a horrible past to get over, but that’s extra hard to do when her past comes back to haunt her. Rip lost his mother while he was still a teenager and that event changed his whole life. Angry at the loss, he fell in with a bad group, but has finally dug himself out for a new life. Only he no longer knows how to be a better more caring person. While Luna is a sweetheart, one that he knows he can never have, his only life is his work. Besides the main characters, Luna’s sister Lily is a wonderful addition to the story. Her other sisters, not so much. She has a best friend, Lennie, who I also enjoyed.  Of course there are villains in this story and they were the worse.

Rarely do I cry while reading, but this book did me in. I read the last twenty percent of the book with tears in my eyes. I was so involved in Luna’s story and her feelings, I just can’t even describe how I felt. Having said that, It does have a happily ever after, but boy just getting there…phew!

I discovered this authors books a year or so ago and have now read all but one of them. I loved every last one of them. Zapata is the queen of slow burn romances as far as I am concerned and evidently she is known for that. To me, she is now known as one of my favorite romance writers, one that will be an automatic buy for me from now on. If you are looking for a book that is full of sex scenes, these books aren’t for you. But if you are looking for a book with all the “feels,” romance, a bit of angst, and just an all around good story, you can’t go wrong with any of her books. Don’t get me wrong, these books are definitely adult reads, they just have more substance than the sex scene filling of some books.

Highly recommended to adult contemporary romance fans. All of this author’s books are standalones and should be must reads for all lovers of romance.


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I’m a lifetime book addict and currently own nine Kindles, with only six still working. I do tend to wear them out! They pretty much are my favorite technology-well that and my cell phone. Okay, yes and my laptop. I spent most of my life in Kentucky, but moved to Maryland in my attempt to get closer to the the ocean a few years ago. Being retired helps. I have a B.S. degree in law enforcement with a minor in sociology, but never really worked in my major. Instead, I spent my entire adult life working in the medical field in some capacity. After retiring(early), I found my passion in reviewing books for a couple of blogs and I love it. My author favorites include, Dannika Dark, Amber Lynn Natusch, J.T. Geissinger, Colleen Hoover, Samantha Towle, K.A. Tucker, Karina Halle, Sarina Bowen, J.R. Ward, Mariana Zapata, Dianne Duvall, and I could go on and on. I read many different genre’s, but still like a romantic element in most, if not all of them.

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Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

I enjoyed this one too but it wasn’t a favourite. I don’t know why but it lacked a little bit of the magic and sparkle the last three (Winnipeg, Lukov, Wait For It) had for me.
That said, Luna was one of my favourite Zapata females. 🙂

Great review.

2 years ago

I’ve enjoyed all of the ones I’ve read by her. I only have one unread and I’m not wanting to read that one.

Melanie Simmons
2 years ago

It’s nice to find standalone stories. There aren’t very many of them. I do like them. Not a big contemporary romance fan, but I do like some. Glad you enjoyed this one.

2 years ago

I like hers because they aren’t all sex and no content. Always a good slow burn story.

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

Not that I want you in tears, but I love that it moved you to tears because it was so good. I want to read her books at some point. They always sound good.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

They are so good. All can stand alone but several are connected. Took me far too long to figure that out!

Anne - Books of My Heart

I’ve heard great things about this author. I think she comes up often in the Penny Reid group. I haven’t tried her yet but I will. 576 pages. I’m glad to hear there is dialogue as much or more than sex. Great review.

2 years ago

I saw that page count and it shocked me. I really think that’s wrong. Or maybe it was so good I didn’t notice!

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

Wow Lorna, you have me so intrigued and the emotions this brought out of you…yep, adding to my list.

2 years ago

I hope you try her. Some of her others are even better than this one. I can never stop reading them.

Naomi Hop
2 years ago

I have just discovered this author, and I have two reviews coming up soon. I was contemplating reading this one next, and it looks like it was a great read to win you over and bring out your emotions! I cannot wait to read it now!

2 years ago
Reply to  Naomi Hop

Well if you are like me than you will be reading all of them. There’s only one that doesn’t sound like something I would like, but I’ve read all the rest of them. A lot of them connect to each other, although this one doesn’t. I look forward to see your reviews.