Review: Maddy Mine by Maren Smith

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Review: Maddy Mine by Maren Smith
Maddy Mine

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Series: Masters of the Castle #7
Genres: BDSM Romance
Published by Blushing Books Publishing
Released on April 21, 2016
Pages: 298
Format: eBook
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The Delight

Dungeon Dom Dominick gets the short straw and sent to help on a new resort opening. Grumbling like a spanked submissive, he finds just his type of submissive and things get hotter in the islands. Maddy doesn’t know it yet, but she is going to be taken in hand by the Dungeon Dom Dominick!


Dominick is your friendly sadist Dungeon Master and part-owner of The Castle. In defiance of the weekly Master’s meeting, Dominick arrives late. Late means ending up with a job he doesn’t want.  Turning it down isn’t an option. Master Marshall is helping a friend who is opening their own BDSM Resort in the tropics. Themed pirate and colonial-themed. Arrrrrhh. Off to the tropics, Dominick goes, but along the way he finds a submissive, that doesn’t fit his life. Sometimes not fitting your life is just what he needs.

He was the Dungeon Master, the Jail Keeper, the mysterious Gaoler. 

An older heroine at 38, Maddy feels she is beyond the age for love. Recently divorced to her cheating, verbally abusive husband, she relies on her vibrator for satisfaction. Mental scars haunt her every thought about herself. Hired to write a promotional review of the new resort, Maddy is looking forward to vacation along with work. That didn’t include catching the eye of a Dom and a vindictive skinny bitch who is out to torment her.

“Would you like a Dominant?” he asked, feeling every inch the lion moving in for the kill. “Someone to help guide you through the labyrinth of pleasure you’re sure to find once we land on the island?”

Dominick likes his routines and those routines may get old, and not looking for love, but they keep his life regimented. When he gets into reviewing the operating procedures for the employees including their safety measures, he finds himself with an out of control situation. Doms with no actual experience cause rifts right away. Safety measures that take 10 or more minutes to get to a submissive in trouble, just are wrong. With several islands and ships making up the resort, there are sure to be lawsuits in its future. Insurance executives along the way causing even more problems. The one bright spot that doesn’t fit his plans either is Maddy. A submissive he is ready to break down and build back up, but first, he has to capture her.

“Liars,” he drawled, “get spanked. I do believe I told you that once already. Do I need to demonstrate?”

I loved this story! I can’t say I liked the new resort one bit, but I think Dominick would agree with me on that as well. Dominick is the Dungeon Dom and he can dominate the heck out of submissives, but he has grown a little tired of the usual submissives coming through. It’s exciting to see him so into Maddy, loving her curves. Their first real scene is both exciting, titillating and off the charts sexy. Maddy was one of those sweet characters who finds everything interesting, but when she becomes a target for humiliation, she tries to just blend into the background where Dominick won’t let her stay. But when pushed into a corner, Maddy comes out fighting. Maddy was a character I so related to!

“Why is it,” she heard Dominick say as he and Emil strolled together down the hall Behind her, “that it’s always the most beautiful women who never seem to know they are?”

There were elements to this story I didn’t care for, but without them, I am not sure this would have been a great book. They help define these characters to the heart of who they truly were. The added epilogue at the end really wraps this story up nicely and I hope if there are more books in this series, that I get to see these characters again!

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About the book
Maddy Mine by Maren SmithpsdMADDY MINE BY MAREN SMITH

When Marshall is approached for help by another vacation resort, he responds by sending his most notorious sadist, Dungeon Master Dominick. His job: to fly to the Caribbean and help institute the same Safe, Sane and Consensual policies that have made the Castle such a success. Though not at all pleased by the assignment or its disruption to his routine, the last thing Dominick expects are complications… until he bumps into Maddy Cameron. She’s plump, she’s pretty, she’s every bit the complication he doesn’t want or need, and yet he can’t help himself. Every time he gets close, he can’t wait to get closer still, to touch and be touched, to taste her, tease her, torment and possess her. Not just for a few scenes or a few days, but for the rest of his life… if only Maddy’s past scars will let him.

Hired to write a promotional review for a pirate-themed BDSM resort, Maddy looks on the opportunity as if it were a once-in-a-lifetime vacation—a vacation that comes complete with a tall, dark, arrogant and masterfully good-looking Dominant thrown in. It’s been four years since her disaster of a divorce, and though she knows she’s neither young enough nor thin enough to keep the attention of someone like Dominick, the allure of an illicit island fling is more than she can resist. Still, flings – like most relationships – don’t last, and better than anyone, Maddy knows the pain of letting herself get too close.

For Dominick, however, a little pain is all in a day’s pleasure. Maddy might not know him well enough now, but she’s about to find out that the world’s most infamous Dungeon Master never did take ‘no’ for an answer.

Publisher’s Note: While this is the seventh book in Maren Smith’s hugely popular Masters of the Castle series, it can be read as a standalone, as can all the others. The series numbers are just a guideline as to recommended reading order.


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Sophia Rose
11 months ago

She does seem like a relatable heroine. Glad this book was a high note in the series and hopefully there will be more stories.

11 months ago

It looks like a good series mainly if book 7 is that good

sherry fundin
11 months ago

wow, this looks…intense?
sherry @ <a href=””> fundinmental</a>