Review: Make Me Sweat by Avril Ashton

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Review: Make Me Sweat by Avril Ashton
Make Me Sweat

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Series: Bringing the Heat #1
Genres: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published by Evernight Publishing
Released on June 8, 2011
Pages: 74
Format: eBook
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Hmm, I just love what a good romantic suspense can bring to the table for a reader.  For me its the best of both worlds including both a strong suspenseful and intriguing plot along with a steamy romance tossed in for good measure.

In this story, Ever Marcille is scoping out a potential weapons buyer for her employer who wants her to bug the guy’s office so they can get some dirt on him.  And Ever does plant the bug successfully, but not before making the mistake of caving in to her deep attraction to Ian Dakota by having hot monkey sex in his office and then later accepting his invitation to join him in his home at the instigation of her long time best friend and partner who tells her to go for it just this once since she’s already made the big mistake of getting involved with a future client.  Can’t make it worse, right? Oho!

But Ian Dakota isn’t just a shady guy wanting some weapons any more than Ever is just a weapon’s dealer’s go between.  Dakota is really a Federal agent trying to bring down the elusive arms dealer, Ghost and Ever is trapped into what she is doing as the Ghost’s pawn because of an innocent, but huge mistake in her past.  Now Dakota and Ever are entangled by their growing feelings that could bring down both of them because there is the shadowy and dangerous Ghost between them and he pulls all the strings.

The plot was great.  I loved the twists and the cat and mouse game that led to the slam bang finish.  The romance took off a bit fast for me because they jump each other right away with a bare minimum of words and suddenly its being touted as something more.  I was able to just chalk it up to the fact that this is an erotic romance more than anything because beyond the way it started, I did like both the characters particularly Ever who had a really tough row to hoe.

The character of Ever is well drawn and it was interesting how her past was revealed a little at a time to help keep up the suspense.  Is she or isn’t she a femme fatale?  Dakota’s character is more clear cut almost from the get-go, but I was not bored with him.  He’s definitely a strong hero-type and he’s perfect for the guy who can save Ever if she’ll just trust him and allow herself to be saved.  Ever’s best friend Wes and Dakota’s best friend Jayce are great supporting roles and were the fun and lighter part of the story.  The villain Ghost was enigmatic and just hovers in the background which was a nice touch.

Overall, it was a good reading experience that was full of shadowy intrigue and a 5-alarm fire hot couple.  I can recommend this one for the erotic romance lover who likes an intense plot to round out their reading experience.


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