Review: Marked by Elisabeth Naughton

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Review: Marked by Elisabeth Naughton

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What a wonderful way to be introduced to Elisabeth Naughton…free book! But now I have a new author (to me) and a new series to catch up on which I am looking forward too.

Casey has lived knowing something was different about her but never quite able to figure out what. Working evenings in a local seedy bar, by day she runs her deceased grandmothers bookstore, but the bookstore is draining all of Casey’s finances and coming close to closure.  When Casey is bumped by a hunk of a man in the bar, she knows he is different, but can’t put her finger on what it is.

Theron is just in the bar to get his fiancé back to their dimension. The king is dying and his daughter is the heir. Theron is slated to marry her to keep their kingdom together, but Theron senses she is dying, adding to the list of things he needs to take care of. While taking her back, they are attacked. Theron pushes is fiancé through the portal back home while he fights evil. Casey comes upon him when he is being attacked and evil now knows her secret.

The story flows on with Casey healing Theron and thus later Theron learning who she is. Her death will save his world, but he can’t come to grips with the feelings that are flowing from his heart. As a descendant of Hercules, Theron is an Argonaut, sworn to protect his race. One of seven.

As I was reading this book, I was reminded of the Warriors of Poseidon series by Alyssa Day. It has the same feel to it. A set of warriors sworn to protect their world, but each finding their own love. Their world hidden from humans, but evil has no problem using humans to get what they want.

I loved the weaving of the characters and how a prophecy can be interpreted many ways. There are deals made with the Underworld and War seems to be a breath away. The one thing I really didn’t like was how the Argonaut’s were betrayed. I felt like there were some dirty traitors in the mix, but that could just be me interpreting things the wrong way.

Five reasons I recommend this book (and series):

  1. The men will have your drooling and envious of the women they choose as their one.
  2. I love the thought of descendants of Gods living in another dimension, but getting mated to a human. Oh, the different ways you can spin that story keeps me coming back for more.
  3. I loved the Alyssa Day series, Warriors of Poseidon. So I think I am going to love this series of books.
  4. There is such a close brush of death to several characters that evoked emotions I wasn’t expecting.
  5. The Underworld is deliciously intriguing and dark. While I don’t want to like the bad guys…there is the gray area on a few, I loved reading about.


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Jennifer @ The Book Nympho
Jennifer @ The Book Nympho
9 years ago

I grabbed this one (year I think) when it was free for my Nook. I plan to read it in 2013 as part of the AAD reading challenge that I signed up for. Might even try to get the author on the blog or an interview or guest post.

Sophia Rose
9 years ago

I got this one as a freebie too and I have the fifth book in the series. It sounds great and I need to read it.

9 years ago

I just got this at the local library, I’m really excited to start on this series though, most people seem to either love it or at least like it a lot :).

Dalene Higgins
9 years ago

I grabbed this when it was free hoping for an introduction to a great series. Looks like I did just that. Thanks for your review 🙂