Review: Master in Shining Armor by Sparrow Becket

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I received this book for free from NetGalley, Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Master in Shining Armor by Sparrow Becket
Master in Shining Armor

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Series: Master Unleashed #4
Genres: BDSM Romance
Published by Berkley
Released on August 21, 2018
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley, Publisher
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The Delight

This series seemed to get a little of a reboot during the break between books. It looks like a new set of characters with some remembrances to past characters. Pull up a seat and watch the show that these two new characters are going to give as they wonder into a relationship that isn’t a relationship.


Jumping right into Master in Shining Armor, I had no idea who was left in this world of Doms to get their own story. Now we have a new slate of characters to fall in love with again!

Juliet Callahan has been hired to renovate a club named Catacombs. With no idea it is a private BDSM club, she shows up to a meeting very unprepared for the dominant man late to his own meeting. Slowly they walk through the club, Juliet gathering information to design the renovations, while the owner shocks her at every turn. He does it to provoke a reaction, but also to try to get the stick out of her ass.

William Ellis owns a BDSM club that he started in a warehouse with bare bones funding. Now with the help of his brother and a friend, he is renovating the club. He doesn’t want a submissive after his last one cheated on him and literally breaking his heart. Guarded friendship builds between his ex and him when he finds out she is pregnant from the one night stand she cheated on him with. Conflicted, he can’t seem to bring himself to cut her from his life, but neither does he involve himself much in it either.

Juliet grew up in a house filled with siblings and wants no children of her own, now or ever. Her changing diaper days are over! When William pushes her buttons to get a reaction, she can’t stop craving what he can give her while also trying to be the proper daughter in a family business. Will invites her to tour the club and Juliet submits to his dominance.

Just when Will is trying to decide what he wants, he is called to provide care for his ex’s daughter, he thinks it’s going to be temporary. With Juliet’s feelings on kids and his responsibility building, Will has some decisions to make, but so does Juliet.

The story is heartwarming as well as brutally passionate in a very naughty way. Will has been hurt and needs to come to terms with the healing process as he also starts to lose his heart to two different females for two different reasons. He grumbles, he spanks (only Juliet), he cuddles, and he examines his own reasoning for things and what he truly wants. Either choice could cost him either female and its a gamble his heart will have to make weather it wants to or not.

Juliet for her part has to learn that even though she took care of so many of her siblings, taking care of a baby not her own isn’t always the same. You see her with her twin nephews and think she would be great, but that is all she wants: to be the doting aunt. Her best friend married her sister, and also works for the same family business. So it all gets a little funny as they start renovating the club while Juliet’s sister takes her out to make her realized having kids isn’t a bad thing.

The two have a chemistry that makes you sigh. The uptight woman, who needs the release only submission can give her to the laid back, bossy man, who wants to love someone and be loved back (only he doesn’t realize it at first). The two evaluate their ultimate goals in life and have to decide truly what they both want. It’s a give and take negotiation.

This new world has a younger brother to Will who seems to be hiding something, but also you can tell he has a thing for someone with no idea how to express it. There is also a female friend to Will who is a switch and fun to watch. She’s not afraid to tell Will or his brother what she thinks, but then also run off with a band to be their submissive (as a group) for the night. She’s no doormat.

I loved also seeing Varushka and Konstantin again as Varushka has had a baby boy and is now pregnant with her second child. Lots of advice is given to Will and it all just brings about why I loved Varuska so much.

I loved getting into this world again and I noticed it was quite some time between book 3 and 4. I hope book 5 doesn’t take so long, because I am in love with this world and want to see the brother fall…hard!


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About Sparrow Beckett

Two writers in two countries transform into the super writing duo, Sparrow Beckett, each night after wrangling their housefuls of children and pets. They trade the cape and colorful tights for tattoos and cups of coffee then set out to create a world where readers fall in love with heroes and the women who willingly go to their knees for them. Their books are the products of two kinky minds who donโ€™t take themselves too seriously.

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AngieElle @ Ba_BAMB
3 years ago

Wow. You make me want this book NOW! LOL It sounds so good!!! I love a man who falls for a baby; it can’t be helped on my part.

Great review.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
3 years ago

I saw it and had to run back to get the first three so I wouldn’t be lost. You don’t have to read them, but they help some. He is an alpha dominant man who’s ex had a baby from cheating on him and when she dies, he is named the father on the birth certificate. So he has to decide if he comes clean and she goes into the system or he becomes her dad for real. I loved how he took this seriously and didn’t just right off the child because she wasn’t his. Loved him!

Sophia Rose
3 years ago

Neat that the reboot on the series is already looking so good. I like the challenge of this pair and am curious since its the first baby I’ve seen in a BDSM book.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
3 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

He owns the club and is dominant, but he never brings the baby to the club. He is fixing up a house and he finds sitters if he goes to work. So they start on a relationship, but it tones down just a little when the kid is around and never in the same room as them.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
3 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Oh and I forgot to say Berkley shared my review on their FB page.

Sophia Rose
3 years ago

That is so cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mary Kirkland
3 years ago

I loved this book too! My review is on my blog today. You got me good and hooked on this series. lol

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
3 years ago
Reply to  Mary Kirkland

I will have to run over and read it! I loved this book and want the brother’s story.

3 years ago

you are the second review of this book I see today so I’m curious

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
3 years ago
Reply to  Melliane

Glad I could make you curious!