Review: Mine to Hold by Shayla Black

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Review: Mine to Hold by Shayla Black
Mine to Hold

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Series: Wicked Lovers,
Genres: BDSM Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published by Berkley
Released on June 5, 2012
Pages: 352
Format: eBook
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I have been hot and cold about the Wicked Lovers series. Some books have rocked my socks off. Some have left me wanting. Two are yet to be read. This one … well I adored every minute of it, but had a few issues that I will get into later. I am going to describe a lot of the ground work that makes up this story. It may or may not be a spoiler, so I want to make sure you understand that before you read any further.

Tyler Murphy has been in a few of the past books, but I didn’t know much about him until now. Tyler was a young LAPD Officer when is partner is gunned down and left paralyzed. Tyler and Eric’s wife, Delaney, do everything to support Eric as he rehabs, but Eric isn’t exactly the nicest guy. One night of buddies drinking leads Eric into suggesting Tyler sleep with his wife, but Eric wants to be involved with it. Tyler asks over and over if that is what he really wants and Eric does everything to convince Tyler he wants it. Even Delaney tries, but gives in for Eric.

Before this night, Tyler always thought of Delaney as his buddies wife and his friend. While he could have had romantic notions, he wasn’t thinking them. This night brought out how much he wanted Delaney. On the flip side, Delaney was so starved for affection and touch. Eric had stopped touching her three months before his accident. When the passion started flowing, the three were all involved in some way, but Tyler couldn’t continue to take orders from Eric and Delaney couldn’t avoid the sexy passion she was feeling for Tyler. Eric can’t deal with the aftermath. Delaney, trying to save her marriage, severs all ties to Tyler.

Tyler having been left hurting, moves to Louisana and eventually becomes a bouncer at a strip club. Sleeping through all the lovely ladies to the point where his boss and friends wives feel an intervention is needed. That’s the night Delaney shows up on Tyler’s doorstep with his son, Seth. Delaney’s running from someone who wants her dead and doesn’t care who has to go with her to get it done. She located Tyler and comes to drop her son off with him and head back to finish up her job. But Tyler won’t let her go it alone.

So here’s my problem with this story. One they were drunk as they were making this decision to have sex and break marriage vows, even if they had Eric’s approval. The one thing Eric says over and over is he wants to watch and be involve. His mistake is thinking Delaney and Eric could keep their emotions for each other out of it. Eric I felt wanted them to have cold intercourse to turn him on. So then Tyler starts making Delaney come…a lot. Ok, fine, but Eric expresses she never does that for him. They should have realized at this point he was not onboard any more, but emotions are high and Tyler is balls deep in Delaney to suddenly start thinking straight. There is one point where Tyler tells Eric to basically shut up and leave them alone. Then Delaney and Tyler basically focus on each other and Eric has no part of it. Basically I thought all three characters were in trouble and flawed. But most of all, I didn’t think Eric had anything to complain about. He asked them to do it. He kept giving them approval even after they questioned him over and over.

Well, that was in the past and it is two years later. Delaney never told Tyler he had a son, nor spent a whole lot of effort to find him. Eric divorced her right after she found out she was pregnant. Tyler tried several time to contact her, unbeknownst to him, Eric got her  a new mobile phone. Tyler’s hurt having just realized he has strong feelings for Delaney. Delaney’s hurt by her husband’s betrayal and now her pregnancy. Eric’s just an jerk who thinks the world owes him.

So now Delaney is back in LA with Tyler and they are trying to eliminate the issue of the bad guy killing her. It wasn’t too deep. I could peg a few things that were going to happen right off and kept screaming at the stupidity of them after they were being so careful in other ways.  But what I did love, was them growing to love one another again. Tyler being so committed after being a man whore. Delaney being so committed to her son. It just all fused into me loving the rest of the story despite the bad start to their relationship.

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