Review: Muffin Top by Avery Flynn

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Review: Muffin Top by Avery Flynn
Muffin Top

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Series: The Hartigans #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Released on October 29, 2018
Pages: 322
Format: eBook
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The Delight

I was looking for a good comedy with a sense of beauty only being a word, but the inner person being what we really see. It was a great story of a playboy realizing his life isn’t fulfilling him any more. We also have a heroine who thinks she accepts herself, but finds herself faced with people always trying to drag her down. A troupe I love and can’t get enough!


Butterface introduced us to the on-going theme of this series, or what I have seen so far. Butterface deals with a heroine who inherited the family big nose trait. She isn’t a classic beauty and seems to have accepted that. Her friend Lucy carries some weight and no filter on her snarky mouth. But the series is called The Hartigans and there are several more of them to marry off and another friend from the original friend circle.

We are introduced to Lucy after a hard day fixing her client’s image and just wants to enjoy her burger in peace when a guy sits down and starts telling her she would be a knock out only if she would loss some weight and eat a salad. Frankie is also having a tough day. He hasn’t taken his vacation days in a long while and now is being forced to take them. Not know what to do, he heads to the bar to off load on his detective brother and pick a lady for the night. Only the lady he chooses clues him in on his man whore ways. This gets him to thinking, but before he can form a plan, he sees Lucy being harassed and steps in to help.

Lucy is heading back to her home town for a class reunion and Frankie decides to go as her date to both help her create a sense of accomplishment while getting him out of town and out of the way of temptation since he has decided to take some time off from sex. Not hand jobs to himself, just interacting with women nakie.

The story suffers some from the defensiveness and snarkiness of the heroine. It was a constant battle of internal walls built up over years and years of bullying and misconceptions from her childhood. Frankie does push some, but he is a pretty good guy who can’t seem to understand people’s hangups with her weight. He also has to deal with her father who is a sex therapist. The father realizes Frankie is falling for Lucy even if he gives Frankie an hard time. Lucy poff poffs her dad and tries to keep Frankie in a box with self-deprecation comments.

Frankie is the man. He starts off the man whore, but realizes he needs to take a break from jumping from bed to bed and figure out what he wants for the future. Lucy takes this vow of celibacy as a way to keep her at arms length because of her looks and weight, which is the farthest from the truth. Frankie does everything in his competitive power to make her look good a the reunion.

I do have to say Lucy may have a lot of defenses, but one thing she doesn’t do is hide her body or her desires. When they come together, she shows what makes her feel good and takes control of her own desire. Frankie eats it all up. He is a man after all. He is also clueless at times, but it is so adorable.

I don’t mind snarky females. In fact I love them, but when the snarkyness is just a defense system to larger problems they don’t think they have….well, I think they need therapy and not from their father in this instance. She gets so twisted up in her mind she pushes people away and misinterprets situations that aren’t there.  Kind of like cutting your nose off in spite of your face.

Frankie…I couldn’t have asked for a better hero. He tries. He works at himself. And really no one believes in him. He has his own burdens he has withheld from the family. He thinks he saw something that would devastated them and carries the weight of his own insecurities, but he tries. Damn he tries to be the better human despite it all.

The naked times are worth reading alone. Yes! They heated up the sheet, well not always sheets. Compatibility was not a problem as long as they were naked. We all have issues, but it’s how you deal with them and respect people that matters. I enjoyed this story and it can be read as a stand alone, it just needed a little more tweaking to make the heroine more likable.


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Sophia Rose
2 years ago

This series seems to handle the insecurity with body issues better than most and it seems to have a lighter side, too. You have me convinced that I want to read it.

2 years ago

I have both the books in my tbr pile and I really need to read them! Glad you, for the most part, liked this one.