Review: Never Enough by Lauren Dane

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Review: Never Enough by Lauren Dane
Never Enough

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Berkley, Heat
Released on September 6th 2011
Pages: 310
Format: eBook
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Never Enough is Book 4 in The Brown Siblings series, focusing on Adrian Brown. Adrian is a successful rock star, but fame has burned him a few times. Ultra protective of his close-knit family and friends, he has grown cynical to anyone outside of his trusting circle.

Gillian Forrester grew up avoiding the legacy of her families faults. When her sister gives birth to a baby boy, Gillian’s heart melts and instantly she knows he is her son. She gives up a promising career to adopt Miles, never knowing who the father is, though she asked many times.

Now 13 years later, Gillian’s sister reveals who the father is and makes her promise to find him. Imagine her surprise in finding out it is the famous Adrian Brown. Now Gillian must put herself in line of having to share her son with a father who doesn’t know about him.

I recently became a fan of Lauren Dane’s books. Who couldn’t when she has such an ability to bring the characters into your world, make you feel such deep emotion, and truly care what happens to the characters? You can’t help to feel what both sides are feeling throughout this book. Adrian feeling he was denied 13 years of his son’s life and needing to make up for them and never be far from him. On the flip side, Gillian is the mom who was there for 13 years, kissing Miles’s boo-boos, encouraging him to grow, being the strict role model who is raising a teenager all by herself. She gave up a lot to adopt him and even more to make things possible for them to be a family.

Brody Brown is such a huge presence even though the book was not about him. He reins Adrian in after the first meeting between him and Gillian, making him see some reason. Later, Brody hands out advice just like a father would a son. His character is the rock in this series for me. I love his character and Lauren Dane has done a great job building him through her words.

The love affair between Adrian and Gillian is fast, hard and furious. Shortly after it is confirmed Miles is his son, Adrian is kissing Gillian and not long after in her bed. Steam must have been rolling off my Kindle as I read this. HOT! Make up sex is often needed and they knew how to make up. Be warned there is one scene that is deep and while I liked it, may not be for normal romance. This is after all an erotic novel. Gillian is typically English outside of the bed, but loses all inhibitions while with Adrian. It may feel a little off with how she acts in different roles, but then again, I think this is more real than not. We typically are different in the different roles.

Now to some things I didn’t like. I was troubled by an incident towards the end of the book. Gillian has a secret, that while isn’t a reflection of her, is taken really hard by the Brown family (again I love how Brody handles this). I felt the resolution of this issue was completed way to fast. And remember, we are only responsible for our own actions. I don’t want to spoil it, but there was a lot of anger, then understanding and what felt like rushed forgiving.

Despite all of this, I really liked the book. The characters are real life people who are making their way through life just like the rest of us. The same joys, pains, happiness, sadness, and every other emotion. Lauren Dane weaves these characters into our hearts and we can’t help wanting to read more about them.


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About Lauren Dane

Lauren Dane has been writing stories since she was able to use a pencil, and before that she used to tell them to people. Of course, she still talks nonstop, and through wonderful fate and good fortune, she’s now able to share what she writes with others. It’s a wonderful life!

The basics: Lauren is a mom, a partner, a best friend and a daughter. Living in the rainy but beautiful Pacific Northwest, she spends her late evenings writing like a fiend when she finally wrestles all of her kids to bed.

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