Review: No Turning Back by Tiffany A. Snow

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Review: No Turning Back by Tiffany A. Snow
No Turning Back

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Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Montlake Romance
Released on June 9, 2011
Pages: 392
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I love Romantic Suspense stories where I have no idea who the lead character should trust particularly when the distrust is aimed at the love interest (or interests in this case).  This one fit that bill nicely.  I am not certain if this is Tiffany Snow’s first book, but if it was it was a bang up start.  She is a new to me author that delivered on the goods.

The story revolves around a gal, Kathleen Turner (no not that one) who is left alone in the world to make her own way.  She moves from her small town to the city of Indianapolis where she has a day job as a runner in a law firm and at night she’s a bartender.  Her life is nothing special- just trying to pay the bills, hoping things get better, and daydreaming about her handsome boss- that is until she trips and does a face plant into his lap scattering the pages of the file he requested all over the conference room.  Kathleen now tries not to daydream of the boss and avoids him.  All is normal until the night when her neighbor and friend is brutally murdered.  Sheila’s murder is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  Kathleen was reared by a cop so her trained instincts soon discover that something is rotten in Denmark and that ‘something’ is big enough and worth it to enough people to make it dangerous to have any knowledge of it.  From this point on, the story goes on high octane as Kathleen is pursued for what she knows and men around her start taking an interest.  But are they interested in her or what she is hiding?  Kathleen is drawn to trust Blane, her boss and one of the partners in the law firm, even as she is developing strong feelings for him, but then she learns things that make her doubt his innocence.  Blane seems equally drawn to her even though she senses he is hiding things and she knows that he is a ‘player’.

Was this plot good?  Wowsers, no!  It was amazing.  I truly enjoyed the pace and the suspense mixed with the passion.  More please!  I might have figured out some angles, but others were a surprise when I learned the truth.

The characters were impressive.  It is told first person from Kathleen’s point of view, but it is pretty descriptive of the other characters so I did not feel any disconnect from not having their inner thoughts.  I found it made it more suspenseful not knowing what was behind a smile or a frown.

I’m really looking forward to more in the next installment.  There were a few loose strings that left room for one even if the immediate issues were solved.


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