Review: No Words Alone by Autumn Dawn

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Review: No Words Alone by Autumn Dawn
No Words Alone

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Series: Sparks #1
Genres: Sci-Fi Romance
Released on December 1, 2008
Pages: 292
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It is so fun to discover a book all on your own that both promised to be and then was a very satisfying read.  I started reading and got engrossed in this book from the start.  I’m a fairly new convert to Sci-Fi Romance, but my favorite thing about the genre is the introduction to creative world building and exploring the imagination.  No Words Alone did not disappoint.

The book begins with a crashed ship of humans representing a business conglomerate who were warring with a humanoid alien race over the humans presence in that quadrant of space.  The aliens, Scorpios, were also crashed on the planet.  It is a hostile planet and requires the humans to cooperate with the more physically strong Scorpio to survive.

Xera, the only woman in the group, is the translator and the only one who can understand the Scorpio language.  She finds there are vast differences in how the two races think and finds herself required to be very diplomatic.  Captain Khan of her people is an ugly customer who is secretly a coward and despises Xera for being strong and opinionated particularly when she is right.

But it is Xera’s very strength and character that attract the notice of the silently watchful Commander Ryven of the Scorpio.  Xera tries to learn all she can even while she is fearful of the knowledge that she is the only woman between two races of men stuck for who knew how long on this uninhabited hostile planet.

The situation deteriorates and Xera finds herself both protected by and at the mercy of the Scorpio through the machinations of Captain Khan.  Now she must have faith that the Scorpio Commander will not treat her like spoils of war.

And I’m going to stop there with the plot summary so I don’t give away any spoilers.

The plot was intense and exciting right from the get-go.  The pace varied depending on what was happening.  The establishment of the differences in the races took a little time, but it came out in short bursts so it didn’t bog things down.  The relationship between Xera and Ryven was handled so well.  I love that though there was a spark between them there was realism in the build of their romance that had to go from trust to friendship to something more.  And beyond the adventure and romance there was some intrigue just to keep things interesting.

I really enjoyed the characters of Xera and Ryven.  Neither of them played around with emotions and they said what they were thinking.  They were both understanding and patient with the differences.  I liked how Xera handled the cards that were dealt her with spirit and without being obnoxious.  Ryven was a strong alpha male with a gentle streak for Xera that he kept hidden accept for her.  It was nice getting the story from both their points of view.

The tone of the book is fairly clean and sweet with little in the way of bad language and though sexual tension and sex are present they are not the focus.

Definitely a nice Sci-Fi Romance that I can recommend to those who enjoy the genre.


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Vanessa The Jeep Diva
10 years ago

Thanks you so much for sharing this! I stumbled upon the 2nd book in this series at a flea market a couple of years ago for $1. I’d forgotten I even had the book. Now I have the 2nd book for FREE! Great review too. I love my sci fi romances.

Sophia Rose
10 years ago

I just got the second one too so I could keep reading the series. It’s odd how the second one is technically chronologically the first book. I’m glad to get her older sister’s story because I was curious.

Thanks for stopping by Vanessa!

10 years ago

I haven’t really tried a sci-romance..but this sounds good..time to try a new genre..eep!

Sophia Rose
10 years ago
Reply to  kimba88

This one is a good one to broaden your Sci-Fi horizons with Kim.

Thanks for commenting!