Review: Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

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Review: Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley
Own the Wind

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Series: Chaos #1
Genres: Motorcycle Club Romance
Released on April 2, 2013
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Princess to the Chaos Motorcycle Club and a girl running wild while secretly crushing on one of her dad’s Chaos biker brothers gets a rude awakening when said brother, Shy, gets fed up with her shenanigans and decides to teach her a hard, brutal lesson to get her off the path she’s on. Unfortunately, Shy goes too far and learns afterward that Tabby is The One. Tabby finds someone else far from the biker scene to love and to love her and Shy must watch all this happen.

But Tabby loses it all and it is Shy that helps her pick up the pieces after Jason’s death. They begin with a friendship and this drifts into forbidden territory when the relationship morphs into something else. Tabby knows her dad, the President of the club and the others won’t like her with a guy who lived a bit fast and free with the women before he and Tabby came together. Shy knows that its wrong to hide the relationship with Tabby from his brothers and its only a matter of time for the truth to come out, but he gives this need to go slow with it all to Tabby. In the meantime, Tabby learns about his past and she comes to terms with who she really is along with trying to deal with the messed up life of her friend. No surprise though when their secret relationship gets outted and things get interesting.

The plot of this one started out a clipping pace with tension as does the end, but the middle of this story slows down and takes its time focusing on a more character-driven plot. I point this out not because I found it disappointing, but just to make it clear that it does indeed change gears like that.
The characters are recurring characters from the Dream Man series book, Motorcycle Man that the Chaos series spins from. Speaking of which, I highly recommend that the reader start with the other series before this book or at least Motorcycle Man so backdrop stuff and characters make sense. Shy and Tabby are great characters and good for each other. There is some angst of their own making, but I liked how the author didn’t play around with that for long and moved them both forward through their issues. I enjoyed the deeper involvement of the Chaos MC characters that were intro’d in the other book and getting more of their lives since a biker club is new territory for me.

This book was a great opener to a new series and left me with an eagerness to continue with the series and that one ominous plot thread involving the encroaching gang of drug dealers.

All in all, it was an engaging read that those who enjoy tough bikers with dirty mouths and hot passionate natures should give a try.

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8 years ago

Nice review about this book; haven’t read it yet

Sophia Rose
8 years ago
Reply to  bn100

If you’re really into this book, I’d recommend starting with her Dream Man series because there are recurring characters and plot lines that carry over (i.e. its not exactly a new series really).