Review: Perfection by R. L. Mathewson

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Review: Perfection by R. L. Mathewson

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Series: A Neighbor From Hell Novel,
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Released on August 26, 2011
Pages: 421
Format: eBook
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Oh R.L. Mathewson…you write such awesome heros that are so flawed it is kind of silly. While I enjoyed the first book in the Neighbor From Hell Series, this one didn’t instantly grab me. These men eat a lot, are arrogant and unapologetic, but love with all their heart.

Zoe is having a bad day. Well, life hasn’t always been easy for her. Abandoned into foster care, her life hasn’t gotten her too far out of the gutter. She has a job from Hell that she was just fired from because she revealed the bosses wife was embezzling money. To top it off her condo mate parks in the center of the driveway making her illegally park on the road, in the rain, with a broken window that won’t go up. Now all she wants is her pizza she ordered. Something simple, when her neighbor gets the delivery and doesn’t offer to share. Now she has had enough only to find out her neighbor is really the landlord and he really tells her what he thinks of her.

Trevor Bradford hasn’t had a bad life, just not as easy and cushy as he wants. Growing up with dyslexia, his father abandons him. But the Bradfords don’t give up on their own and he is taken under the wing of an uncle. This is the uncle who is the father of the hero in the first book in the series. Trevor is blunt, egotistical, rude, sexual and a hard worker. He eats non-stop, which made me wonder if this family was infected by tape worm. Not only does he eat a lot, he is banned from all buffets in town and all food delivery companies. So when he sees the pizza, he claims it as his (and he does pay), but when Zoe tries to make something of it, he says “It’s not like you need it.” – referring to her weight.

So Trevor has a vision of his perfect woman. She would be the best cook, able to whip him up anything when he wants it and never denies him food. He could piss her off and she would still make him the best food. Physically, she would be tall, sexy…and a bombshell with money to spend since he wasn’t going to have a needy woman. Basically, he wants a woman to wait on him hand and foot, but not expect a damn thing of him. Zoe isn’t his perfect woman if this is really what he wants.

So after the two get past the bad episode, Trevor offers her a housekeeping job. She shops for him and keeps his apartment clean. He also gives her the name of his uncle who is looking for an assistant. During this time, Zoe stops eating and counts calories. While she loses weight she also get malnourished and I grew extremely concerned about her.

The two do come together for some hot love, but in general, I couldn’t stand Trevor. While he was considerate at times, he was so arrogant about how he thought people felt about him. He thought he was a God for Zoe and seriously, he wasn’t.

The biggest problem I had was how this felt like a duplication in some ways with the first book, but since they are family then that is to be expected. But what I loved the first time go old in the second book. The cockiness was over the top. The eating everything got old. Zoe not getting confidence in herself felt wrong. While they do fall in love, I just felt a little blah about it.

So while I enjoyed the story, it wasn’t my favorite. I will be reading all the R.L. Mathewson books I have…keep an eye out for more reviews!

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Sophia Rose
9 years ago

I’m always envious of fictional characters who seem to eat their weight in food and don’t have to go on a health regime for it.

Thanks for the review!