Review: Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde

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Review: Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde
Reaper's Property

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Series: Reapers MC #1
Genres: Motorcycle Club Romance
Published by Ellora's Cave
Format: eBook
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Reaper’s Property was being discussed all over Twitter at one time. I probably wasn’t paying as much attention to it as I should have. When someone post a quote from it, it grabbed me and I had to take a look. $7 for a 240 page book was my first reaction! Seriously, I might pay that much if I knew the author well and like their stories. Luckily someone took pity on me and loaned me the book.  So what quote got me interested? This one…

“I don’t give a damn if you never wear panties again, but I know women are weird about that. Here’s the compromise. I’m gonna buy you new shit, but only shit I like. You’re gonna wear it until I pull it off to fuck you. Everyone wins.”

Without context of the story, this totally grabbed my interest! So alpha male about what he wants.

I really shouldn’t have skipped biker babe orientation, I mused.

This quote about sums up most of the book for me. I really have no reference on what bikers do, say, live, eat, etc. I don’t watch SOA or read biker books. But I can appreciate the love of a good bike and the open roads. The beauty that is in riding with friends. I just didn’t go into this book with much reference of what being in a motorcycle club was like. My references would come from Wild Hogs. So let’s get on with the review.

The story is told from two points of view, but mainly Marie’s in first person. You see my issue right away, but I got past it when I found out you also get to see Horse’s POV, but in third person.

Marie has left her abusive husband and moved in with her brother, who still lives in the trailer they grew up in. When a group of motorcycle guys ride up to the rural trailer, Marie is instantly on guard. Calling her sweet butt confuses her, but over time she comes to know the guys. Horse is a complication she doesn’t need or want, but he seems to think she is his. The Reaper’s MC have “business” with her brother that she stays out of, but Horse won’t stop giving her orgasm.

Horse is thus named because he is hung like a horse. He takes an instant liking to Marie, knowing she knows nothing of the motorcycle world. When her ex-husband attacks her again, he takes care of the ex-husband. So Marie knows that not everything is above the board legal, which excites and scares her at the same time. When Horse asks her to become his old lady, she turns him down and they really get ugly about it.

When Marie’s brother screws up and basically steals from the Reaper’s, payment must be made in blood and that blood is Marie. Horse takes Marie as his house mouse, with out the rights an old lady or Reaper’s property has. The two must then weave in and out of what a relationship is like when in a motorcycle club. Old lady’s, property, law of their own, military service, jail time, rival clubs…it all boils down to a wild ride and I didn’t to get to ride a motorcycle!

Marie’s character isn’t overly complicated. She married young instead of going to college like her friends. Now years later she has nothing to show for it. No job, no money, no future prospects. Technically she is still married throughout most of the story. She moves in with her brother because she has no other recourse. She spends time fixing it up, cleaning and cooking, but also gets a job at a daycare. It was one of those situations, where I think she wanted more, but didn’t know how to go about getting it. She definitely wasn’t looking for love. Wrapping her head around the thought of becoming an old lady in a motorcycle club left her feeling like she was jumping from one bad relationship to another, which offended Horse.

Horse was a little deeper. The motorcycle club is a way of life for him. They have a side business which is totally illegal, and they don’t have much use for the local law. On the flip side they really feel a sense of serving their country in the military. Jail time is a norm. Horse isn’t some dumb guy though. He is the club’s accountant and he is creative about it too, owns his own house, car (or cage) and his bike. When he comes to care for Marie he sincerely wanted her to be his woman, his property, because that is his way of life. Marriage is nice, but it is being property that protects you.

Sweet butts are just women who give up their bodies for the men. They hang around parties and don’t say no the men, but they aren’t given the respect of being property. House mouse is just the same but you service the guy in the house and do basically anything he tells you to.

Horse has had his share of sweet butts. He’s not bad guy, but he lives to the fullest of the saying “bad boy”. He doesn’t hesitate to beat the crap out someone for offending him, but then he can be so tender and caring for Marie. There is one scene where they have a rough scene on the stairs that finally makes them realize they need to make some changes. While Horse does take on Marie as a house mouse in payment for her brothers sins, you can see he wants more from her, but treats her bad to show her what she denied.

The hardest part of this review is trying to explain why I liked this book? I can’t really explain it to myself with any satisfaction. The relationship is explosive, hot, sexy, painful, emotional, and cruel. I really didn’t like how the men thought of their women as property. All feminist of me, right? Maybe that is the reason I liked it more than I thought I would. It wasn’t typical romance. It didn’t fit all the tidy rules of romance. It colored outside of the lines and left me wanting to push it back inside. I got a glimpse of a world I will never see outside of a book or movie. It was brutal and beautiful at the same time. Leaving me confused and wrung out.

Would I recommend this? Yes, but with a few caveats. Reaper’s MC is a gang and it isn’t always pretty. There are some brutal scenes to get through that leave you wrung out, scared and wanting to run away. Second, while everything is consensual, Horse makes sure of that, it pushes the boundaries of consensual. Basically Marie gives up her life to go with Horse to save her brother’s life. Brother’s death or her life…she had to choose. Third, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone and I could have gone on blissfully not thinking about it. But I will say I had nightmares about a few scenes and found myself sleep walking to it. Yeah, I do that when a book evokes deep emotions.

So while I enjoyed the book, I would say approach it knowing more about it than I did going in. It will make you feel emotions on every scale and leave you panting as to what just happened to you. Now I have a guilty pleasure of reading more about the Reapers!

His gaze caught mine, full of intensity. “I want you to be my old lady, babe. That’s all I have to offer. I’m a Reaper, and this is my world. You wear my patch, you be my woman and I’ll be your man. We take the good times together and fight through the bad times. No games. That’s everything I’ve got and it’s all yours if you’ll take it.”


About Joanna Wylde

Joanna is a freelance writer living in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She started writing fiction in 2002, then took a long hiatus to explore other writing opportunities. She returned to fiction in January 2013 with ‘Reaper’s Property’, the first book in the Reapers Motorcycle Club series, and has recently released ‘Reapers Legacy’, the second of the series.

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Sophia Rose
8 years ago

I love stories with authenticism that stretch my horizons even if they’re not pretty stories. I can see why this one would have stuck with you though.