Review: Rebel Child by Kate Eden

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Review: Rebel Child by Kate Eden
Rebel Child

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Series: The Murdoch Vampires,
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on April 11, 2013
Pages: 258
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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After reading The Hot Scot by Kate Eden, I couldn’t wait to find out more about these hot vampires that can walk in the sun, don’t bite humans and can read minds. While The Hot Scot was written in third person, the author switched to first person POV for Rebel Child. At first I was kind of disinterested, you know how I dislike first person POV. But I kept at it and after a while I forgot for the most part I was only getting Raven’s point of view. Really, though, I would have like a little from Callum’s side of things to go with it.

Raven, aka, Gabriella, daughter to the Brethren leader, is in some deep trouble after kidnapping Sydney, Logan Murdoch’s soul mate in the first book. Captured, Raven has a choice: exile to a cold tundra for 200 years or submit to being “reformed” by Callum Murdoch to integrate into the vampire society. See Raven was born as Gabriella, but in defiance to her father she changed her name to Raven. She has flaunted the rules of vampire society taking blood from the vein instead of a bag and no way is she going to allow LifeBlood, a synthetic blood mix developed by Logan, to come to market. Now she is serving her time under Callum Murdoch, with the intention to pretend she is reformed.

I can’t tell you a whole lot of Callum’s purpose in life, we never get to see his side of the story, which was disappointing. Callum is the younger brother of Logan, but he also runs the family business. Being in charge of Raven’s reformation isn’t his greatest joy. But he is also offered a seat on the council if he succeeds. I am not really sure if this was big to him or not. Gently through time, he does start to have an influence on Raven and starts calling her Gabby. The two skirt each other because they are afraid their involvement will hurt her bid to not be exiled. But neither can fight it for long and go to lengths to hide it…but not very well.

What I missed a lot of was the ability they seem to have to read thoughts. You just don’t see much of that. Also in the first book Logan and Sydney have a sign they are soul mates that we don’t get with this story, so it had me wondering if Gabby and Callum really were meant for each other. Gabby/Raven does slowly start to change and see the changes aren’t really horrible. Like watching the sun rise. She has never seen it a day of her life, but with the new treatments, she is able to truly appreciate the beauty of the world.

It also helps that Sydney befriends Raven along with others. Raven sees that not everything has to be a battle and she can come to love and be loved in return. Yeah, her dad has done a number on her emotions that really caused her to rebel.

I really enjoyed this book for a light hearted paranormal, where the world isn’t ending and love really does happen. The transformation of Raven to Gabby was interesting to watch as it involved a lot of emotions and digging deeper than just being crazy. Callum is oh so sexy…I loved how he handled Gabby without being an egotistical ass. He was gentle, firm, fair and oh so sexy in bed.

Recommending this to anyone who wants a slightly different look at vampires in our world who don’t sparkle, but really are good people who love, work and play just like us. Also, a kick-ass heroine who changes, but still at the center is strong, beautiful and kind hearted.

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