Review Policy

Want your booked reviewed? Well we need to work through some details first and then get to the fun stuff.

First of all, Delighted Reader is a book blog that only reviews romance books. Did you read that? ROMANCE only.

Now within romance there are tons of sub-genres and we generally are quite open to all the sub-genres under Romance. But with everything, Shari and Sophia tend to differ on the sub-genres they love, like and just won’t even look at.

Now, most book reviews requested won’t even get a response. Why? Well, with just two of us reviewing, it just isn’t enough time to review every book and then read the books we actually want to read, but weren’t asked to read. We generally run 3 months out on review requests. Ouch!

So here’s the deal….

Romance Books ONLY

We only review romance books. PERIOD. Don’t send us grandma’s recipe book. While nice, this isn’t what our blog is about. We like historical romances, but if it is just a historical book without the romance, then you need to find a better blog to review it.

There will be a delay…

We run 3-4 months out on reviews. If you need it yesterday or even tomorrow, then you are out of luck. ARCs we try to read and review before release day or the very least release week. If you need something specific, then ask. We can’t always accommodate but we try hard.

No incest or rape detailed rape scenes!

We aren’t into getting it on with dear old step daddy or getting into non-consensual sex. That’s not saying it can’t be part of the story, but we don’t want to read the details and you better be making life better for that person who is hurt. Get it? Ok, moving on.

Formatting…it makes our job easier

Shari reads mobi exclusively. Due to eye sight problems, paperbacks are hard for her to read. PDFs are great, but they don’t work on her devices well.

Sophia Rose reviews almost any format: mobi, pdf, paperback or hardback.

Romance Subgenres

  • Contemporary
  • Historical
  • Paranormal
  • Sci-Fi
  • BDSM
  • Erotica
  • GLBT
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Urban Fantasy (Not Shari)
  • Young Adult (Not Shari)
  • New Adult (Not Shari)

When will I hear back from you…

Well, that is tough to answer. We try to answer emails daily, but the blog is not a primary part of our lives. Sophia Rose and Shari communicate and try to decide if they are interested, have the time and can get to it when you need it. So it may not be the same day or even week before we respond.

Most reviews won’t be accepted. We just don’t have time to read everything and still write a review. We love authors, so if we say no, please know it isn’t because you can’t write, it is more likely we just don’t have the time.

If your review is accepted, we don’t email when the review posts. Sorry but again it is a timing things.

Where will the review be posted?

If accepted, your review will post on the blog. Anything else is when we have time. So if you want it somewhere specific, then ask as we don’t make rounds to every place to get it posted. Then why would anyone ever need to visit our blog?

Street Teams

We join them, but the blog is not where we express this joy. Why? Because we want to be honest in our reviews and not feel obligated to say only nice things about a book. If we join a street team, it is for us to help promote an author with our personal social media accounts or word of mouth outside of the house.

Expressing our thoughts through reviews

We never attack an author.

We try to be constructive in our criticism and our praise.

We may love an author. We may love a book. But we don’t always love everything an author writes. That doesn’t mean the author is bad, just that it didn’t hit a mark with us this time.

So don’t feel we hate you if we don’t like a book. That’s not the case. We just may need to read a different one.

Still want us to review your book?

Yay, now go fill out the request form!

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