Review: Revolutionary by Colleen Cowley

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Revolutionary by Colleen Cowley

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Series: Clandestine Magic #3
Genres: Dystopian Romance, Fantasy Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on November 29, 2020
Pages: 379
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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The Delight

Life is in the balance for a wizard, a women’s movement leader, and possibly more if they can’t stop a madwoman and the government conspirators all on their tail.  Finales should be GRAND and this one was coming off a big surprise ending so I was raring to press forward.


Revolutionary is the third book in a trilogy and must be read in order.

Beatrix Harper has many regrets, but as she sits at the hospital bedside of Omnimancer Peter Blackwell who is in a magically induced coma thanks to a traitor from her own group, they weigh heavier on her mind.  She feels responsible for so much and knows that the bitterness she felt at Peter’s actions is gone and in it’s place she sees her own choices and actions as no better.  Right now with no magical vow binder her to him, she understands that their love was real and his cautions were wise.  Her sister’s leadership of the women’s movement is teetering on a knife blade as they fight for a Constitutional Amendment and for Equal Rights.  What Beatrix says and does are under the microscope of the media and those who can help or oppose their group’s goals.  When the crisis comes and it is not far off, she must summon her strength and secret magic abilities to stop a mass killing, a war, and the loss of everything she holds dear.

Peter Blackwell is being held unresponsive by a powerful spell.  He is aware of Beatrix at his bedside, but he needs to leave his coma state or the very people he was trying to avoid would have him in their control once again.  Why can’t he find Beatrix in dreamscape?  The trigger to that magical bomb and the bomb itself may be gone, but the plans are out there and the failed experiments that someone in government or at the test site will figure out eventually.  Peter has lost much in his life and faces new losses now, but has gained something of great value, too.  He will do what he must to keep Beatrix safe and support what she believes in because he has come to share her beliefs.  Betrayal and those out for their own gains work to undermine everything and take them all to the brink of disaster.

Revolutionary was an abso-fab final book.  It pulled all the loose threads in, it took the danger and trauma to a new level, brought tougher villains and conflict, ratcheted up the action, and delivered the romance that was but a glimmer and then a remote possibility in the earlier books.  Peter and Beatrix have been on a journey that started as enemies and has come to something quite different just as the people they were then have fundamentally altered.  Things get dire and stay that way as an enemy who can’t lose seems to hold all the cards.  I loved this feeling and was riveted to see how Peter and Beatrix could pull it off.  There were more twists and surprises in this one which is why I was vague in my summary.  I enjoyed the interesting place everyone was in at the end.  It will be tough to say good-bye to the characters and world of the stories.

For those unfamiliar, this trilogy is a mash up of dystopian, fantasy, and romance.  The dystopian is a result of a modern world in which women are second- no make that third class citizens- while non-magik men fall into the second class category.  At the top are the magic-wielding wizards who call all the shots.  The fantasy is of course the magical abilities that aren’t only found in men, by the by… And, the romance?  Well, that is a nice slowburn, spicy enemies to lovers building throughout the trilogy.  The reader will detect strong parallels to human rights grievances in our own world that give the nod to some spectacular historical movements and leaders.  And, beyond all that there is the pulse-pounding political intrigue.

So, I am sad, but oh so satisfied to have read this last book and seeing the characters come into their own and all the conflict come to culmination.  It’s exciting, but also mentally evocative.  Definitely recommend!

My thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book to be read in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Book
Revolutionary by Colleen CowleyREVOLUTIONARY BY COLLEEN COWLEY

In this final book of the Clandestine Magic trilogy, Beatrix Harper is poised to help her sister accomplish an audacious goal. They’re on the brink of winning back a key right for typics that wizards took away—and maybe, just maybe, getting women more rights in the bargain.

But first she has to rescue Peter Blackwell, trapped in a dark-magic coma. And figure out what a former friend is plotting after nearly killing Peter and disappearing. And stay one step ahead of the vice president’s men.

What her enemies have planned is worse than she realizes. Far worse.

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1 year ago

Sounds like an intriguing series!! I’m so glad you loved this one, since some series enders just aren’t great. Bummer it’s the last one though! It’s hard to say goodbye to a series you love.


Sophia Rose
1 year ago

It really was, Lauren. Superb stuff and I loved every minute of these books.

Christina Morland
1 year ago

So glad you loved this book and the series! I know I’m biased, but Beatrix and Peter are some of my favorite characters ever (and I really enjoyed so many of the secondary characters as well–such life in them all).

Sophia Rose
1 year ago

LOL, I adore them and yes, the secondary characters are just as engaging.

Anne - Books of My Heart

This sounds great and I love the cover!

Sophia Rose
1 year ago

It’s a fabulous series. Very clever. The cover for the first book set the tone and I loved each one after. 🙂

Carole @ Carole's Random Life in Books

I do love it when a series ends well and this sounds like a fabulous series! I am so glad that you enjoyed this one.

Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Yes, the finale should be the strongest book of the series and this one was. So good!

Carole Rae
1 year ago

I am curious about this series

Sophia Rose
1 year ago
Reply to  Carole Rae

I think you’d really get into it, Carole.