Review: Rock Star by Jessa James

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Review: Rock Star by Jessa James
Rock Star

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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Rock Band Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on August 21, 2020
Pages: 223
Format: eBook
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The Delight

A naive lady that lived life to please her family makes a break, but the bad boy rocker snaps her up for a fake relationship. This two steam up the sheets, but things are more complicated with a fake relationship.


Serena has finally broken the chains of family. After catching her fiance cheating, parents who want her to make up, and the unfulfilled dreams of living her own life, Serena moves out to a friend’s apartment. Trying to find a job, get into design school and pay the rent all make reality a little less shiny. Tagging along with her best friend to a nightclub and then a party, she gets separated and left alone until she runs into a hard chest and doesn’t know who the guy is.

Rhys is fascinated that there is a woman who doesn’t know who he is or the band belongs. While we don’t see his side of the story, we know he is protective and has his own vices. His great plan to protect the band is to take on a cute, innocent lady and fake a relationship to show stability. This helps them when they have to send off one band member to rehab and later a second one.

Overall, I didn’t find this story had much substance. Serena irritated me mostly as being to dumb to be alive at times. Nothing terrible just babied so much by her family, she doesn’t know much about real life. She does pretty much everything Rhys tells her while he goes about his life. His band members for the most part treat her like shit except for Milo maybe. Even the manager calls her names. Rhys does defend her, but it becomes old. Then when they fall in love, you don’t know if they are really in love or just hamming it up as the love of a lifetime. It becomes almost sickenly sweet.

The book is overpriced as well at $5.99 for a little over 200 pages. Throw in grammatical errors and misspellings, and it was just a book I wanted to put down rather than finish. The story felt like a cliche, unfortunately, and didn’t live up to what I was hoping to read.

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About the Book
Rock Star by Jessa James copyRock Star by Jessa James

A bad boy rockstar needs a fake girlfriend… 
Not a girl to fall in love with him when the cameras fall away…

When I walked into the party that night, I was worried about my black minidress being too short… I never realized that I was going to meet him. 

Rhys Grant, lead singer of Misery, one of the hottest bands on the freaking planet.

Rhys isn’t just any tanned, muscular bad boy dripping with sex appeal. He’s so hot he’s practically Adonis himself. … and the way he sings… he owns that stage.

And he’s interested in me. 

Well, okay, fake interested. He needs a sweet girl on his arm for the cameras, to smile and look like he’s settled down. Public Relations 101. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Right in the middle of that party, pulling down that mini skirt and feeling so out of place.

Of course I said yes! How could I ever say no? But the more I find out about Rhys, the more I see the man behind the microphone and tabloids. 

I don’t want to be one of a thousand screaming fans.

When he kisses me, when he touches me… suddenly I want to be his one and only. 

Paparazzi, crazed band managers, overdoses… Rhys’ lifestyle will either drive me away forever or ruin me for all other men.

But one thing’s for sure… he’s going to rock me to my core.


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Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Man, that does sound like a drag. Neither of them sound very appealing.

Carole Rae
11 months ago

Gah. Bummer.