Review: Secrets and Satin by Liliana Hart

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Review: Secrets and Satin by Liliana Hart
Secrets and Satin

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I have been a huge fan of The MacKenzie series for a while now. Cade left me panting for more and now I am counting the days between these books. Secrets and Satin takes a little break from telling the story of The MacKenzie brothers and switches to Max and Jade, teammates that are as good as family.

The story opens with Jade Jax learning she is pregnant while her husband is on an undercover mission. When Max Devlin walks in, she knows the news isn’t good and she is right. The bad guys found out who he was and murdered him. Fast forward a couple of years to the last book where Max is injured bad enough they don’t know if he will survive and if he does he is going to be in rehab for a long time. Jade sticks by his side and badgers him into physical therapy. Max made the decision that she was his angel, the woman he has loved since the day they met. When Jade makes a play for Max, he wants it made clear he’s in charge and he wants all of her, not the part that still longs for her husband. The two split after some very harsh words.

Jump to current time and Max is on a mission. While leaving the party, the pick up goes bad and he is rescued by none other than Jade. Jade spent the time coming to terms with the death of her husband. She’s ready to enter the world again, but never wants to feel what she went through. So while she wants Max, she will end it before it gets too deep.

The two skirt each other. Max wants it all, but Jade has a secret that could possibly end them. Add on top of that Max comes from a rich and influential family, Jade feels like his family will never approve of her.

The two do share some really sexy scenes together, but I just didn’t feel the spark I am used to from this series. The book is short, so the love affair moves fast even though the two have a past already established. The bad guys are just kind of silly to me. Max and him go back and forth several times in the course of their negotiations.

Declan has finally started his own company of mercenaries I guess you would call them. Basically they do what the government doesn’t or can’t do. They added a new woman to the group that we saw in the last book and I really want to see her become happy after the torture she endured. We see Cade again, who’s wife is pregnant with their second baby. It is funny how alpha dominant these men are, but turn to scar-die cats when their wife gets all pregnant and moody. It was fun to what.

Now I am looking forward to Shane and Declan’s books…please oh, please…these men need to be brought to their knees by spunky women who know how to handle them!

For a fast paced reading experience full of laughter, sex, danger and suspense, consider picking up this book. It has it all!

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