Review: Seducing Sandy by Maren Smith

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Review: Seducing Sandy by Maren Smith
Seducing Sandy

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Series: Masters of the Castle #8
Genres: BDSM Romance
Published by Blushing Books Publishing
Released on February 27, 2018
Pages: 232
Format: eBook
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The Delight

A young reporter wants the story of the year. Believing she has the story of the year: sex trafficking of minors. She goes undercover. Two Doms are assigned to Sandy, making sure she stays out of trouble. Trouble finds them in the most painful and delightful ways.


Sandy is a local reporter tired of the local town beat. Saving cats from a tree and bake-offs, just aren’t cutting it. Wanting one story that will jetson her to the top of her field, she decides to blow the roof off The Castle. She believes they are trafficking underage kids for sex. While her editor tries to dissuade her, he knows the head honcho, Master Marshall. The editor gives Marshall a heads up while also putting in a good word that Sandy isn’t a bad person. Master Marshall is armed with the knowledge Sandy is a reporter and assigns ex-military masters Reeve and Eric to keep her out of trouble.

Master Reeve doesn’t have a very good opinion of reporters. His time overseas was filled with reporters needing to be rescued or doing anything for the story. Masters are supposed to be calm, instructional, and firm, but Reeve feels none of that with Sandy. Of course, she faked her application forms and now Eric and Reeve must show her all the different elements she is missing while keeping her under wraps.

Master Eric is a Daddy Dom, so they start by making her a little, which pisses her off causing her to brat out. Master Reeve puts her back in her place and explains the situation of what being a little means to the people there. While Master Reeve is teaching her, he also puts her in a punishment position that jeopardizes everything. Put in a position and left alone, Sandy is assaulted by other submissives. Even if Master Reeve was just around the corner, he shirked his duties for his anger. I was angry over adult women pretending to be school girls doing something so immature to Sandy. Sandy was being punished and told not to move. The problem is they are at BDSM resort where people are put into positions for kink. By doing what they did, they showed their own maturity level was that of the role they were playing, but in the wrong way. What they did was physical and humiliating. It wasn’t enough she was being punished already. Enough said. It was a scene I could have done without.

Without an understanding of BDSM, Sandy often fights and says things that show her ignorance. Master Reeve is determined to show Sandy what happens set out to betrayed The Castle. Judge, jury, and executioner, Master Reeve also comes off as an ass, just as Sandy comes off as an ignorant brat. Master Eric is involved in the scenes but his heart part of the love story. There isn’t a love triangle and he isn’t as harsh on Sandy as much as he teases her and puts her in uncomfortable situations. Being a Daddy Dom, he is more into the comforting side of being a Master. Master Reeve is the opposite. Rather he would pick up a cane to beat her ass and leave the comfort to Eric.

Sandy does end up doing something pretty terrible and just plain wrong. Master Reeve also does a few things wrong and is overly rough to the point of being violent. Both are wrong. Neither was right. And it was this ignorance and violence that drove me crazy! Sandy judged The Castle and Reeve judged Sandy. It was all very judgy and irritating. Reeve had every right to be angry at Sandy, but you never dominate angrily. Never! Sandy was reporting on a myth and wasn’t fact-checking anything. Nothing! Reeve and Sandy were made for each other.

I can’t say the story wasn’t good. Master Marshall makes appearances throughout the story maintaining the most level headed voice. We get Master Eric who gets his own story later. The Daddy Dom thing hasn’t been my cup of tea reading-wise, but he puts things in perspective about what people need. I never judged it, just not something that ever interested me.

The ending is a little abrupt, but with every book in this series, I have felt this way. The story wraps up nicely. My biggest complaint at times is everything happens at The Castle and while everyone falls in love, what do the odd person not working there do when they fall in love? Kaylee became Marshall’s assistant. Hannah assists Sam. Sara not so sure if she works or not. O, or Tavy, worked in the town. Sinclair (Maybe) opened a sweets shop in The Castle – they even have a chocolate room for guests to play with chocolate (I think that was Chasing Chelsea where we saw that scene). Chelsea is paying off her debt to Marshall while also working as a clerk in the sweet shop. That’s not everyone, but you get the idea that how many more Masters can fall, lol.

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I started this series and went in order only to find out there are a lot of offshoot stories other authors have written and anthologies. According to Goodreads, this was the last story in the series, but as I dug around, I found all the offshoots, anthologies, and even one labeled #29 in the series. Over the next few weeks, I will be reviewing some of those books before I get to Winning Winona. There is a lot that happens after this story. Something that when I read Winning Winona, I didn’t know. So I will try to review them in order of storyline.

About the book
Seducing Sandy by Maren SmithSEDUCING SANDY BY MAREN SMITH

When journalist Sandy Ebelson decides she needs a breakout story to advance her career, where does she set her ambitious eye? Why, on the Castle, an infamous BDSM resort that has plagued her small town for years. Sneaking inside is only as difficult as buying a ticket and filling out a fake application, but when Sandy finds herself matched to ex-military masters Eric and Reeve, carrying out her investigation grows quickly more complicated.

Especially when it comes to Master Reeve, whose rough touch and dark authority make her body respond in ways she’s not at all prepared to understand. Sandy will do anything to get her story, and that includes pretending to be his submissive. What she doesn’t yet know is how much of what she’s doing is really ‘let’s pretend’ and how much is the real her, giving her heart to a man she has every intention of betraying.

Publisher’s Note: Like all the other stories in the Masters of the Castle series, this contemporary romance can be enjoyed as a standalone. It contains elements of power exchange, explicit language, and MFM ménage scenes.


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