Review: Sins of the Angels by Linda Poitevin

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Review: Sins of the Angels by Linda Poitevin
Sins of the Angels

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Series: Grigori Legacy,
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Penguin Group
Released on September 27, 2011
Pages: 336
Format: eBook
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Please be warned that while I don’t believe there are true spoilers in this review, I do say things about the ending and some of the concepts. I tried to keep it general, but if you don’t want to know about the story, I would suggest you don’t take a chance.

Alexandra Jarvis is a tough woman. Hiding a secret, thinking her mind is going. Working a high stress job as a homicide detective. When a serial killer invades her town, she has a mission to get the guy, but each new killing is disturbing her. But her equilibrium is really put to the test when she gets a new partner, Trent. Trents not all he seems to be, but then Alex knows something is wrong right away.

Trent is really a Power. Aramael is his name and he is on a hunt. A hunt that once almost cost him his soul when he had to imprison his own brother, Caim. But Caim is loose again and on a mission to get back into Heaven. When Aramael is asked to protect a Nephil, a descent of humans and Grigori, his senses and mind rebel from protecting her.

When Alex sees Aramael the first time, she knows he is different. She sees his wings. But she thinks she is seeing things. Other times she can sense him or even hear him in her mind. Due to tragic events in the past, she thinks she is crazy, never suspecting she is more that just a human.

All humans get a guardian angel, but still have free will to choose. The guardian can only guide. But for Nephil’s, they don’t have a guardian angel. They are reviled in heaven because they are half human and half Grigori. The One and Lucifer made a deal with rules that were never really explained, but in essence, no one from either side can kill a Nephil or war between the two will once again break out killing all humans and then some other races on both sides.

Now Aramael must not only catch is brother, he must protect Alex. But things are never that easy. And so begins the very complicated story of angels…several different levels and types of angels, demons, Nephils and humans. Who will win? Who will lose? And who could make the ultimate mistake?

Let’s begin by saying this is a love story, not a romance. There is absolutely no sex between the two heroes. There is some hint of sex between Caim and another character, but it is only mentioned, with not real interaction. While this isn’t a problem, it is something to be warned about if you are looking for the love affair. The love felt between the two main characters is kind of forced. They feel attractions but also a lot of hate for each other. They don’t understand why they feel the attraction and constantly fight it. It just felt like a rush at the end that, yeah, they are soul mates.

There is also several side stories, but the biggest is in Heaven. We learn early on that in heaven the angels had soul mates. We don’t really get a clear understanding of why there aren’t any more now. There was a cleansing that seem to remove all the soul mates and the feeling of love in the way of romance, not in the way of love for one another like family. The war of Lucifer’s deception pitted family against family, so thus, the One purged free will from the Angels. This sums up in basics what the book took a long time to tell you. So with the concept of soul mates removed, no one really knows the feelings when it comes, let alone knows what to do with it.

One big problem I had with the story was that it took a long time for me to get into the story. The first 50% of the book, left me feeling nothing but irritation for the characters. We learn early on Alex has a tragic past and her mother is involved, but we don’t know what it is or why it is traumatizing her so much. It takes forever to find out what it is and by then I had lost some sympathy for the characters. Aramael is hunting his brother Caim. We know Caim was in basically Purgatory for a long time, but not why. We really don’t learn why for a long time, but even when we do, not the details.

After the halfway point, it gets going very fast with lots of oh my gosh moments. While the story does end, there are loose tendrils which make it a series. Some decisions made we don’t really understand and others just plain make you mad. The ending clearly sets up the next book in the series.

Which comes to the point…do I want to continue on with the series? At this point I am not sure I do. The book evoked so many questions with very few answers. Emotions that I am not sure make be believe the story. And I just didn’t really like the characters. It was an ok book. Just not one I care to re-read again and basically not my cup of tea.

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Sophia Rose
10 years ago

I have just read the prologue now so I’ll have a chance to see how I feel about the book.

Thanks for your review!

10 years ago

After reading this book, I was motivated to write an online review. This was a big let down for me. The relationship between the characters was ridiculous. He absolutely hates her and poof they’re together? Yes, I read lots of paranormals with the mate bond and accept it, but he was just so unpleasant and there was no warm up.