Review: Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones

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Review: Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones
Sixth Grave on the Edge

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Series: #6 Charley Davidson
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by St. Martin's Publishing
Released on August 26, 2014
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback
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After the shocker that ended the last book, you bet your boots I was eager for this one. Each new installment ups the ante just a bit more. At one time, she had more brands in the fire than I have fingers on two hands in this story and it got a bit crazy, but Charley always manages to navigate through it all on a wing, a prayer and some sass on her lips- oh and coffee, she can’t do a thing without her coffee.

[quote]On a scale of one to stepping on a LEGO, how much pain are you in? ~ Sign in Hospital [/quote]

Charley still ponders ‘will she or won’t she’ about Reyes incredible sticky note proposal even as she is woken in the dark to a pistol at her head and a threat to a friend if she doesn’t find a Federal Witness. As her day progresses she is confronted by her maddening stepmom who wants Charley to intervene with her dad, a new case comes her way of a man who needs his soul back from the demon he sold it too, a plot with Cookie to hook Ubie into a date once and for all and an encounter with a ghost who sits in Misery’s passenger seat buck naked and uncommunicative. But wait, there’s more…

Suffice to say, Charley keeps busy heating up Reyes in a passionate way, but also in anger as he tries to keep her out of deep demon trouble and out of danger from several other plotting people in the shadows. As she navigates her life, Charley is given more answers to questions, but they in turn raise more questions. Everyone is pushing her to truly learn how to use her powers and figure out what she needs to know as something catastrophic is headed their way.

As is probably evident, this one took of like a rocket and really didn’t slow down for some time. Oh not to say that it was so loose that the plot threads were lost. No, it somehow managed to remain a tight story and I had no trouble keeping all the threads sorted. I enjoyed all the forms of excitement, the intrigue and the secrets revealed even as more secrets appeared. I’ve started a list that now includes who or what is Mr. Wong, what is Charley’s dad up to, whose side is the Dealer really on and what in the world will that last shocker change for Charley and Reyes. And that’s just for starters because there is still the big burning question of what Satan is up to along with his beastly besties and how Charley will save the world when it comes down to her life or Reyes’. Yeah, so much to ponder. I love when a book/series does that to me.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the increased page time with Charley and Reyes in the same scenes though I did experience a sense of frustration as she toyed with her answer to his question for much of the book. But, hallelujah, she did finally give him an answer even if it took facing a heartwrenching moment to wring it out of her. It got hot and steamy of course- the love scene in the rain on the ‘Cuda was a favorite, but there were a few tender scenes as well. Loved this quote:

[quote]”Dutch,” he said, cutting me off. “Please do not ask that of me. It is a darkness I cannot share. I would lose you forever, and I’ve only ever wanted you. You are literally the light in my darkness, the redemption of my past. I waited centuries for you to be born on earth, for me to be able to bask in your glow. You are like a gravitational force that lures me closer with each breath you take.”

I lay stunned.

“Imagine a canvas bathed completely in black. Only black. There’s no shape. No purpose other than to bring darkness. Then splash on a brilliant white. Add some reds and blues, some yellows and greens. Suddenly it has meaning. It has a reason to exist. That is what you have done to my world. You brought me purpose. Light and color to fill the void of oblivion. Without you, there is only the darkness.”

I pulled him closer and kissed his neck.

  1. 344 Reyes, Sixth Grave on the Edge

Oh and just as an awesome aside, there is an extra scene attached to the end of Reyes’ POV for one of their passionate encounters.

I’m going to leave it there and I know I was a bit hazy with my review thoughts, but there are just so many things that I don’t want to give away. It was a strong installment in the series continuing with all the elements that fans have come to enjoy and expect. Those who enjoy humor, passion, mystery, pulse-pounding danger, tender-heartedness and strong paranormal world building all blended into one Urban Fantasy series shouldn’t hesitate.

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Red Iza
7 years ago

I so need to read this series… and not sleep like ever again so I can have more reading time 😉

Sophia Rose
7 years ago
Reply to  Red Iza

I feel that way all the time- about needing extra time to catch up on books that all seem to sound so good.

Lover Of Romance
7 years ago

I just love the sound of this one!! I do love those suspenseful romances!!! I definitely have been looking for a good one…so I am adding this to my list. Thanks for the FAB review.

Sophia Rose
7 years ago

You’re welcome! Its Urban Fantasy so it takes several books for the romance to take a larger role. But I didn’t mind the slow build b/c of the suspense and humor.

Braine TS
7 years ago

I don’t know most of your feedback because.k haven’t had the pleasure of diving into this series yet. BUT if its still going strong at this point is a good sign.

Sophia Rose
7 years ago
Reply to  Braine TS

Yep, its still tight six books in. And the suspense is still there too as the romance gets stronger with each installment.