Review: Skin in the Game by Jackie Barbosa

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Review: Skin in the Game by Jackie Barbosa
Skin in the Game

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Series: Play Action,
Genres: Sports Romance
Released on May 27, 2013
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Are you ready for some football?!?!? I have been wilting from no football and counting the days till we start the 2013 season. So to help me through this football depression, I love to read sports romances! So when I find a new football romance, I usually snap it up and run for the touchdown!

Skin in the Game was a delight for the senses as it wasn’t about an over confident player with a cocky attitude. Cade Reynolds has loved football since he was in high school. The only time the high school he attended made it to state and won was with him in the quarterback position. Make it to the NFL was his dream, but it came to a slow craw when a late hit takes him out for the season. Now back in Minnesota, Cade is helping out his former coach and pseudo father after he sustains a heart attack.

Angela Peterson knows everything about football. Born into a family of all boys, she knows her way around the game as good as any man. Quiet and mousey growing up, she helped Cade realize their problems as a team and helped behind the scenes get them to state. Now all grown up, she filled out in all the right places, teaches math at the high school and coaches the high school football team as an assistant. With the head coach recovering, she thinks she is stepping into the head coach shoes on the eve of the team going to state again, only to be sidelined when Cade shows up.

Unbeknownst to each other, the two shared a one night stand before the proverbial shit hits the fan over coaching. But Angie sees the night for what it is, a good time and is prepared to move on. Cade sees more and is ticked off she leaves in the night, preventing him from having the morning after. Angie knows who he is, but thinks he’s in town trying out for the Vikings. Cade has no clue who Angie is until he meets with his old coach.

The two wrangle around each other while dealing with outside forces pulling them apart. Angie’s life is wrapped up in this little town, while Cade will be off to the next team that will sign him after his injury. Conflict with another coach causes such an uproar you want to punch the guy. But in some ways I was lost on how fast this seemed to move. The timeline of the story seemed off with time passing that you didn’t know went by.

The most play time we see is in a high school game, but never really on the field for Cade. You see Angie pull off a stunning play for the high school to win. Overall the magic of  the team with Angie was amazing to see.

The conflict between the characters felt weak at times. Always pulling off “plays” in their life to fix things. It just seemed a little forced.

The two do steam up the sheets when they have a bed and fog up the room when they don’t. The turmoil they feel is easily pushed to the side for passion.

Overall it was an enjoyable story, but I felt at times pushed to believe what I was being told when I felt very differently about what really happened.

For fun off the field, this was a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon waiting for the football season to start again.

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