Review: Snatch Me by Nora Malone

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Review: Snatch Me by Nora Malone
Snatch Me

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Genres: Erotic Romance
Published by Ellora's Cave
Released on October 12, 2011
Pages: 74
Format: eBook
Source: Book Tour Provided
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Snatch Me starts off with the above excerpt. Jolie has a character in the Quarterz game where women try to avoid being captured while the men hunt them. When and if captured, the women basically become the slave to the man or men who capture her. She can always “safe out” which is another way of saying use your safe word. But clearly this is a computer game so at any time anyone can pull the plug, but I would suspect their account would be flagged and possibly banned, but that isn’t really part of the story. Jolie found the program on Mack’s computer when she was removing a virus and was intrigued enough to install it on her computer. Mack is hoping for this.

Jolie has recently lost her father and is at an emotional loss on how to deal with it. She is running his computer repair shop, but knows soon she won’t be able to pay the bills. During the lonely points of the day she goes into the game and we get to see her adventures. What was a little hard to understand was how much detail could be put into a game. When Jolie enters the game we go from a a third person voice to a first person voice. We see, hear, feel and smell what she does, which really can’t happen with a computer. So you have to suspend a little logic here and just enjoy the story.

Jolie goes into the game four specific times. Only two of them end with her being captured and “used” by the men playing. The detail of those encounters is very through and extremely hot. But after some invents she figures out Mack is behind it all and learns he is a police officer. She thinks he is out to entrap her and she pulls away trying to protect herself.

Beside having to suspend some of my disbelief I loved this book. It was short, entertaining and easy to read. I spent a fun Saturday afternoon, wondering what would happen next.


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