Review: Softly at Sunrise by Maya Banks

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Review: Softly at Sunrise by Maya Banks
Softly at Sunrise

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Series: KGI #5.5
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on May 22, 2012
Pages: 132
Format: eBook
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This was a bittersweet story for me to read. I have been a fan of Ethan and Rachel Kelly since their book, The Darkest Hour, KGI #1. It was the first non-erotic story by Maya Banks I had ever read. I loved how she delved into the characters and their relationship over throwing them into one erotic scene after another well, because it wasn’t appropriate.

Some back story, so if you haven’t read The Darkest Hour, you won’t want to read this part. In the Darkest Hour, we meet Ethan Kelly, who believes his wife has been dead for over a year when he receives a package with pictures of her being kidnapped. He has wallowed the whole year because the last thing he said to Rachel before she left on a missionary trip was that he wanted a divorce. Realizing after her supposed death, he loved her and could never let her go. So Ethan gets his brothers, who have formed KGI, to help him rescue Rachel. Rachel is in very bad condition. Gaunt, starved and addicted to drugs after her captors keep her drugged so she won’t cause problems. So most of their story is about rebuilding Rachel’s world to be safe and loving, while Ethan is harboring the guilt for the way he treated her, which she has no memory of. Slowly she regains her memories a little at a time and they have to deal with the divorce issue.

So skip forward a few years and a few books in the series. You get to see Ethan and Rachel again. Their new house is done and ready to be moved in. They have decided to try to have a baby. And Rachel is still burying her hurt feelings and ready to move out of the house that held all the bad ones. This story is mostly from Rachel’s view, but we do see how Ethan adores Rachel and always regrets the way he treated her. We find out early on she is pregnant and very quickly after that she is pregnant with twins. Both Ethan and Rachel are ecstatic to start their new life in a new house with two babies on the way. They decide to wait a little while to tell the family due to Rachel having miscarried  her first pregnancy.

The book culminates with Rachel having to deal with a tough situation that would break a normal person and tear apart someone with her background. But Rachel keeps a sane head on her shoulders and the KGI men are on the job to rescue her.

This is an interesting look into moving forward after your world has in essences been destroyed. How do you deal with the pain of betrayal and still love the man of your dreams? Is having children the best thing for your relationship? Going back to work and into a volatile situation? It all wraps up how wonderfully strong Rachel is as a woman.

This isn’t erotica. It isn’t about cheap thrills. It is a story of a couple who has overcome a lot, moving on with their life and making the most out of everything. A must read if you like Ethan and Rachel as much as I did!


About Maya Banks

Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times and #1 USA Today and bestselling author of the Surrender Trilogy. Her other chart toppers have included erotic romance, romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and Scottish historical romance. She lives in the South with her husband, three children and a variety of pets.

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