Review: Steel’s Edge by Ilona Andrews

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Review: Steel’s Edge by Ilona Andrews
Steel's Edge

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Series: The Edge #4
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Ace
Released on November 27, 2012
Pages: 388
Format: Paperback
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The Delight

The fourth and final The Edge series book loomed and I hesitated about pressing forward.  I didn’t want it all to end.  This magical world between the ‘Broken’ and the ‘Weird’ has come to feel familiar as have the growing cast of characters since the beginning.  A worthy, gritty task and an equally challenging opportunity at romance awaits stern, disciplined Richard Mar so I settled in to enjoy this last of the series, but a reader gal can hope for the authors to revisit this and write more?


Steel’s Edge opens with new personality Charlotte de Ney getting devastating news that the longed for baby she and her husband want is not ever going to happen at least for her as a birth mother, but then her aristocratic husband makes it clear that he was only sticking around for the baby.  Charlotte is shocked to discover he never loved her and can only look down on her humble beginnings as a non-aristocrat blueblood who only achieved her status through her gift.  This sends her running into the Edge and finding solace with a generous Edge witch who lets her stay in her grandchildren’s old house and tells her of her wonderful Drayton grandchildren.  But this idyllic life is shattered when a mysterious man she is healing, Richard Mar, is pursued by a ruthless band and sets the gentle healer on a dark journey of revenge at Richard’s side.

Richard reluctantly takes Charlotte with him on his quest to wipe out the slavers and, most importantly, those who are behind the despicable organization as a revenge for what was done to his beautiful cousin Sophie and many other hapless men, women, and children taken, abused, and forced from freedom.  He isn’t sure if Charlotte, once the heat of grief and anger subside, can stick it out, but she is determined so they plunge into the darkness of the slave trade world to destroy it all.  Charlotte proves to be way more than he thought and for the first time since his ex-wife left him, his heart tentatively opens to another.

Steel’s Edge introduced another pair of fabulous lead characters.  Charlotte was amazing as she reinvented herself and not for the first time.  She thought she was a monster because of the powerful dark gift that came with her healer talent and as pitifully useless as a woman because she was barren, but Richard never saw her that way and she powered through her fear of the danger they were in to do a hard work and get justice for those who couldn’t do it for themselves.  Richard had to overcome his low status beginnings, take care of his remaining family, and live with the ruthless killer he had become, but most of all, he had to believe that a woman of Charlotte’s status could truly love him as he is.  They were great together as an action team and a couple and were great for each other.  I do love the way the writing team builds their characters and romance.

But, beyond this pair coming together there was plenty of excitement- despicable slavers and the people behind them- one was a total surprise for the Drayton family, piratical bands, and further adventures with George, Jack, and now Sophie.  The stakes were high and I loved every suspenseful and action-packed moment.  Richard is a swordfighter so there was plenty of blade action and there was some trickery that brought out the best talent in the extended family group.

Oh, to have more from this series, but this last book was went out on a sizzling bang, at least.  Paranormal Romance fans really need to delve into the world of The Edge.

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Anne - Books of My Heart
10 months ago

I have yet to re-read this one. Fabulous review. I own it on Kindle and plan to buy the audio

Sophia Rose
10 months ago

I remember you wanted to get to it sooner, but that’s okay. It will be there. Definitely better on audio. 🙂

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

Yay…so glad you are enjoying these!

Sophia Rose
10 months ago

I’m having a blast getting caught up on the Ilona Andrews’ backlist.

10 months ago

I’m reading your review and it’s like I never read the book – I don’t recall this at all, but I know I read it! LOL. Have you read the Innkeeper books? There is a tie in, which I didn’t know the first time I read the Innkeeper books because I hadn’t read The Edge books.

Sophia Rose
10 months ago
Reply to  Jen

LOL, it’s been out for years so no surprise you are hazy on it. Yes, I had to re-listen to that series now that I finished this one and loved getting George, Jack, Gaston, and Sophie’s adult story line. And, there was even closure on the Spider plot point for this series that I was glad to get.

Carole Rae
10 months ago

Sometimes it is better to end on a bang!

Sophia Rose
10 months ago
Reply to  Carole Rae

Very true! And, I discovered that the plot thread I wanted closure on was tied-off neatly in a crossover series. Score!