Review: The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

Posted November 5, 2019 by Sophia Rose in Reviews / 24 Comments

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams
The Bromance Book Club

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Series: Bromance Book Club #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance
Published by Berkley
Released on November 5, 2019
Pages: 352
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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The Delight

The title, the promise in that blurb, and that delectable cover all worked to draw me in with high anticipation.  Did it live up?  It hit a walk-off grandslam!


The Bromance Book Club introduces star baseball second basemen, Gavin Scott, at the lowest time in his life.  His wife of three years told him she’s been faking it and not just in the bedroom and she wants a divorce.  He’s still staggered over the faking it part and hasn’t done much for his own cause when it comes to bailing out and repairing the sinking ship of his marriage.

Enter a secret mens-only book club stage left.  Gavin’s best friend drags him into the membership and this quirky group of guys load him down with club rules, a rah-rah speech, and… a historical romance?  Gavin is reluctant, but then he knows he has to try something big to get back what he most wants.

Thea is full of anger and bitterness and has erected the highest, thickest emotional wall possible to do what she needs to do- get on with her life and her sister is right there cheering her on.  But, then, Gavin walks in with determination and pushes her to accept his new proposition.  The courtship begins…

A romance story that begins when the happily ever after has become ash and a man has to step up and work hard to restore what has been broken.  It could have been laiden with drama or even just downright depression, but the author balanced it with humor and plenty of heartwarming moments.  There was a sizzle of attraction and a longing to this pair.  I think what really sold me on it was that it took two to break it and it will take two to fix it.  Gavin is working hard at it in the obvious ways, but the book is not one long man-grovel.  I liked how the reader is aware that Thea has baggage and there is enough foreshadowing that shows where the story needs to head as a result.

This pair were fun, bantering, sizzling, heartbreaking at times, but always engaging.  They were obviously meant to be together as a family with their cute twin girls.  It was their story, but that group of guys in book club were a hoot.  They really had Gavin’s back and had some great things to say about what they were all learning about women in general and their womenfolk in particular from romance books.

All in all, this was full of all the good things from beginning to end.  I will definitely be setting the date on my calendar for the next meeting of Bromance Book Club.  Contemporary Romance fans now have a new fab book to hunt up and read.

My thanks to Berkley Romance for providing the book to be read in exchange for an honest review.

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2 years ago

I’m glad to hear you really enjoyed this one. I’ve been reading good things, which has me excited. I do want to read this at some point. 🙂


Sophia Rose
2 years ago

It was a nice breath of fresh air in contemporary romance. I hope you get the chance, Lauren. 🙂

2 years ago

I need to finish reading this one. Is it sad that one of my story ideas was similar to this and I had to put it aside because I didn’t want to feel like I copied the idea. Not completely the same concept but it was a book club concept.

Sophia Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Shari

Ah, that’s a bummer that you had to set aside your similar one. I read a story shortly after mine was published and it was close to what I wrote, but I could see that there were some significant differences too that showed it was just two gals who had a similar idea close to the same time. I hope you get to finish yours at some point. I love the book club idea. 🙂

Rachel @Waves of Fiction

I just finished this last night and I’ll be writing my review later, so I’ll come back to your review when I finish. Happy to see you loved it, too! 🙂

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

Oh yes, it will be fun to see what you think, too., Rachel. 🙂

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

Wasn’t this fun? I laughed, swooned and found it refreshing.

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

Definitely, Kimberly! We have a new series to love. 🙂

Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

I loved reading your thoughts. I agree that this book could have been full of drama and depressing, but the author did such a good job bringing balance with humor and heartfelt moments. Excellent review Sophia. You really captured the story 🙂

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

Hey! We’re twinsies. I read your review today, too. Yes, the author did the topic justice without letting it wallow. I was so relieved. Now for the next book, right?

Carole Rae
2 years ago

This sounds like fun for sure!

Sophia Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Carole Rae

It really was, Carole. I laughed and sighed equally. 🙂

Mary Kirkland
2 years ago

This sounds fun, glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Sophia Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Mary Kirkland

The Bromance guys were a hoot and the romance was done just right. 🙂

2 years ago

I hear good things about this one!

Sophia Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Melliane

All true!!! Hope you get the chance, Melliane. 🙂

Anne - Books of My Heart

Well everyone is loving this one. Splendid review!

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

LOL, I usually bomb out on a book that is a crowd fav, but this time I got to be on board with the rest. 🙂

Rachel @Waves of Fiction

I loved this one, too, and like you I appreciate that the author put the blame on both Thea and Gavin’s shoulders because they both made mistakes, which is usually how it goes with a real-life marriage. I’m happy that it wasn’t a depressing read, as you pointed out, because if could’ve easily gone that route. Instead Ms. Adams tempered the serious with humor and fun. Brilliant review, Sophia Rose! 🙂

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

Yes, that was what I was thinking about it being more real that way. Oh man, thank goodness we didn’t get dragged through a downer- that’s too much real life for reading pleasure. LOL

2 years ago

You talked about balance, and that really was something that made this book so wonderful! It was the combination of the happy, sad, hopeful, funny, etc. I had a great time reading this book, and I loved seeing a married couple the center of a romance. Seeing them fight for their marriage. And, the bromance was stupendous.

Sophia Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Sam@WLABB

Absolutely, Sam! It hit just the right tone.

2 years ago

I love the premise of this one, I should get it. 🙂

Sophia Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Heh heh, glad to hook you in, Greg!