Review: The Cowboy Meets His Match by Sarah Mayberry

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Review: The Cowboy Meets His Match by Sarah Mayberry
The Cowboy Meets His Match

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Series: Carmody Family #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Western Romance
Published by Tule Publishing
Released on August 21, 2018
Pages: 231
Format: eBook
Source: Free Book
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The Delight

A charming prodigal brother and a determined woman bronc rider make things sizzle when the Copper Mountain Rodeo gets underway.  Sarah Mayberry captured the spirit of rodeo, small town, tight-knit family, spunky and mature characters, and sensual romance all in one book.  I was so glad my COYER reading buddy picked this one for us.


The Cowboy Meets His Match opens with pro rodeo cowboy Jesse Carmody arriving in his home town for the pro rodeo circuit.  He knows he can’t dodge his family, but he’s already planning to leave as soon as the rodeo is over.  However, his distraction over past pain is interrupted when he encounters a cool, tough cowgirl, CJ Cooper, who gets some of the other bronc riders stirred up when she dares to compete in what they think of as an all-male sport  Jesse stands by CJ even though she doesn’t ask for it  She’s all business and he gets that.  She’s starting out and she doesn’t want to give anyone a reason to see her as less if she were to carry on with a fellow competitor.  When a nasty prank and threat happen, though, Jesse doesn’t hesitate to step in and bring CJ to the home ranch.

CJ plans to keep Jesse at arms’ length, but the cowboy tempts her too much and her night at the ranch leads to a sultry session.  She doesn’t plan to repeat that.  She has a competition to win and respect to earn from her disapproving dad and these jerks who think she doesn’t have what it takes.  Her resistance weakens the more she gets to know Jesse and she also grows closer to his brothers and sister on the ranch.  The family pain is palpable, but Jesse is stoic and won’t talk about what’s at the heart of it all.  Just when she starts to open her heart and mind to the possibility of something with Jesse, he shuts her out.  Should she even try?

From the first pages, I was taken with this book.  Rodeo wasn’t just a prop in a play, but a vital, well-detailed piece of the story and I was glad for that.  From signing in, to getting settled and doing the preparations, to how to prep one’s body to compete and the pounding the rodeo contestants took, it was all real stuff.  The small town of Marietta’s multi-day festival centered around the rodeo and all the background people were further detail painted in.

But, add to that the characters, Jesse and CJ, their personal internal battles- his feeling guilt and wounded separation from his family and her feeling the pressure to compete as the only woman in an all-male event as well as bucking family disappointment- and their sizzling romance that would not be checked by their determination to keep things friendly and professional.  I’m pretty sure the flirty banter and a few funny moments drew them in as much as their mutual attraction.

Honestly, poor CJ didn’t stand a chance.  Jesse backed her and honestly respected her work and her ability as a bronc rider and he also delivered some sincere apologies when he screwed up.  As to the way they both handled issues, Jesse was one who tended to run, but as the story came to the crisis point, it was clear that he had some painful demons driving him even if talking it out was the key to solving it.  But, what made this story shine for me, was that while Jesse was going through his personal crisis, CJ stood by him, but also took a mature stance when he rebuffed her while he was hurting.  She didn’t drama stuff up or punish him when he came back and tried to make things right.  So refreshing to read about a gutsy, vulnerable, but mature heroine like CJ.

On a side note, Jesse’s family were wonderful and I loved spending time with all the Carmodys.  Especially, his only sister and the baby of the family, Sierra.  She was sassy and came up with a fab revenge against CJ’s tormentor.

So, in summary, this intro to the author and the series was sensational and I want more.  Those who enjoy spicy and fun cowboy and cowgirl romances should not hesitate to pick this one up.

I buddy read this one for COYER Community with Lenore @ Celebrity Readers

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About the Book
The Cowboy Meets His Match by Sarah MayberryTHE COWBOY MEETS HIS MATCH BY SARAH MAYBERRY

All Cassidy Jane Cooper wants is to fulfill her dream to compete in pro rodeo. CJ knows she’s going to have to work harder and smarter than everyone else to prove herself in the traditionally all-male saddle bronc competition. That means she shouldn’t look twice at handsome, charming cowboy, Jesse Carmody. She needs to focus on the competition, not one of her competitors. If only he wasn’t so damn hot…

Jesse Carmody thinks he’s seen it all–until CJ’s arrival throws him for a loop. She’s tough, sexy, and challenging. Jesse quickly realizes he wants to know a whole lot more about this intriguing woman. When CJ faces ugly opposition from others on the circuit, Jesse is there to offer a friendly hand–and more, if she wants it.

Between her trials in the arena and fighting to get the other riders to respect her, CJ knows getting involved with Jesse is the last thing she should do. But she can’t seem to keep away. Which leaves her with a choice–the man of her heart, or the career of her dreams? Or can she have them both?


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Mallory @ Mallory Books
10 months ago

Ooo thanks for putting this one on my radar!

Sophia Rose
10 months ago

You bet, Mallory! 🙂

10 months ago

You know I love a sexy cowboy romance. This is right up my alley! Wonderful review, Sophia! 🙂

Sophia Rose
10 months ago
Reply to  Rachel

You will love this one, Rachel. No doubt in the world. 🙂

10 months ago

I love the rodeo scenes. The romance sounds delightful.

Sophia Rose
10 months ago
Reply to  Nadene

She made me feel like I was right there at that rodeo. This was great, Nadene.

Carole Rae
10 months ago

I feel like I would love this family too! 😀

Sophia Rose
10 months ago
Reply to  Carole Rae

The Carmodys were amazing. I wish they were real people. 🙂

Anne - Books of My Heart

Excellent review! I’ll have to try this one sometime. I enjoyed Kari Lynn Dell books and they are very authentic rodeo too.

Sophia Rose
9 months ago

Thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t read hers yet.

9 months ago

I’m not always a big fan of cowboy stories, but this one sounds great – I like woman who push boundaries and misconceptions!

Sophia Rose
9 months ago
Reply to  Jen

CJ was a wonderful heroine both for her toughness to go into the bronc event, but her maturity to handle several situations she was thrown into. Definitely a writer I want to read more from.

9 months ago

This sounds really good, and there’s nothing like some cowboy lovin’! Hugs, RO

Sophia Rose
9 months ago
Reply to  RO P

Yeehaw! Thanks Radiant Ro!

Carole @ Carole's Random Life in Books

I love the sound of this one. I really like the fact that the rodeo plays such a big part in the story.

Sophia Rose
9 months ago

That was what really grabbed me in the beginning along with enjoying the characters’ banter. 🙂